Hair Love! Healthy Hair For The Bride-To-Be

We’ve been talking about a lot about skincare so this week we are switching gears and we’re talking hair care to get your truss in top shape for the most important day of your life, your wedding day. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, don’t let your hair be an afterthought.  Your wedding day hair and hairstyle makes a statement and is one of the first things that will be noticed.  Whether you have naturally curly hair or naturally straight hair one rule remains the same, healthy hair takes time.

Just like your neckline is an extension of your cheeks and jawline your scalp is an extension of your forehead , so treating your scalp with the same TLC as your face is the first place we’ll start.  It’s long been a rumor or myth that the less you wash your hair the healthier it will be.  Today’s shampoos and conditioners don’t typically contain the same harsh ingredients they did when this myth started.  FACT, your scalp produces oil, sweat, and dead skin cells so if you’re not washing it away along with pollutants and product then your locks can appear limp and dull.  Washing and conditioning gently with a product that matches your hair type will leave your locks feeling light and full of life.

Stay cool and lay off of the heat!  Blow drying, curling and flat irons zap your hair of moisture.  We get it, we’re busy too and we understand that time doesn’t always permit in our busy schedules to take all of the time our hair really needs in a day.  As often as possible allow your hair to air dry, doing so will help minimize brittleness and breakage.  When you do need to use those hot tools use a heat protection product first.  Additionally, using your hair dryer on a cooler setting  will help gently dry your hair without the excessive heat.  If your hair is curly naturally or permed use a diffuser to reduce the heat and the frizz.   Be gentle!  Additionally, putting down the heat tools and reaching for a softer hair brush to minimize breakage.  For coarser hair or hair with tight curls try a boar-bristle brush to straighten even the curliest curls.

When it comes to product less is more.  Investing in quality concentrated products will give you lasting results without having to use insane amounts of product that weighs down your hair.  Challenge yourself to use half the amount you would normally use.  When you grab that conditioner, go easy, and condition just the ends and not root to ends.  Conditioner can weigh down the hair at the crown and scalp so if you’re going for height and volume using too much conditioner is counter productive.  Avoid products containing silicone, silicone blocks out necessary nutrients and robs your hair of needed nourishment.

Summer is around the corner and UV rays are extremely harmful to your scalp, stripping down moisture and causing damage to the delicate skin cells on your scalp.  When enjoying the outdoors wear a hat whenever possible.  For those of you that enjoy the water rinsing your hair with fresh water after swimming is essential to remove chlorine, chemicals and salt from your hair and scalp.

Let your hair flow naturally!  Avoid using rubber bands and clips to keep your hair at bay… pulling your hair into a pony tail may be the easy fix but it actually causes damage (especially while it’s wet).

Now for the #1 tip to achieve healthy hair for your wedding day and everyday…. (drum roll please)  Drink lots of water and eat right!  Water hydrates and rids our bodies of toxins keeping our hair and skin healthy and moisturized.  Eating more naturally hydrating fruits and veggies (super foods) will help strengthen your hair from the inside. Some of these tips might already be a part of your regular hair care routine, we hope that you find those that aren’t helpful for your wedding day and for building a relationship with your hair for every day.  Now that you know how to get beautiful healthy hair for your wedding day you’re probably wondering how to prepare for your stylist when she arrives on your wedding day.  We’ve got you covered!  Read our Hair Washing Do’s & Don’ts for Your Wedding Day.

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