Going Back Into The Out-Beauty Tips For The Bride To Be

As brides around the world exhale with a sigh of relief that they can resume planning their weddings, the question of the season “can we go back into the out?” is being answered!  

Cities and States are gradually re-opening across our great country and brides are once again smiling with the coveted glow.  

If you’re like the majority of us during your days of quarantining there was much snacking on sweets and much indulgence so, before you reach for that next batch of homemade cookies you’ve just baked or pour another glass of wine consider this; what you’re eating may be ruining your hair and skin.

Now is the time to get back on track!  These five simple tips will help ensure that you are the most beautiful you on your wedding day.  As an added bonus you’ll be building great beauty habits that will have continued benefits beyond your wedding day.    

For the good of your hair skin and health reduce the rose’ and  make water your go to drink!  Our bodies are made of 50-70 percent water that includes our skin.  Drinking plenty of water helps fight the effects of dehydration and helps rid our bodies and our skin of toxins.  Water is essential when it comes to maintaining optimal moisture and elasticity (slows the effects of aging) and helps increase your metabolism.  The fountain of youth is right there in the next glass.  It’s also Vegan friendly, has no carbs, no sugar and it’s organic (LOL).  

Now that salons are starting to re-open keep your hair healthy with regular trimming. This simple tip will keep those split ends at bay, reduce breakage, help you retain length, save you time with easier styling and give you a thicker/fuller look.  And I don’t know about you but after all of this sheltering-in-place, having my hair washed at the salon is just about the most relaxing thing you can treat yourself to.

Get those brows in shape!  Don’t experiment with this one… seek out a licensed technician and leave the maintenance to the pros.  Not sure if you should wax or thread?  Read more about beautiful bridal brows here.

Brows are the MOST important feature of your face and you’ll want to keep your eyebrow game on point as you get ready for your “celebrity moment”, the walk down the aisle.  Eyebrows frame the entire face and if your frame isn’t balanced it can throw your entire look off center. 

Commit to a great skin care routine!  Going back into the out is a good motivator to start a good skin care routine and to start building some great new habits.  Make this daily time about you!  Our days are different now, some of us are now and will continue to work from home and for some of us our homes have also become the classroom with distance learning.  Now more than ever you need to carve out time for self care and a great skin care routine is a simple way to start.   If you don’t have a regular beauty regimen in place now here’s some tips here to get you started.   

  • Cleanse (morning and night). Even if you only have a couple of minutes a day this first step is the best place to start building a good solid daily routine. 
  • Use a Toner.  For some this is a personal preference, but it helps remove any excess dirt, makeup or skin cells and tightens the pores.  Try one with chamomile for a calming benefit at bedtime too.
  • Moisturize.  In addition to the water we talked about a minute ago using a daily moisturizer will help lock in that moisture to keep skin supple and silky.  For daytime choose a product that includes SPF and for night time we suggest a renewing formula specific to your skin type.

Lastly, before you go rushing back out into the out remember the sunscreen!  Despite all of the warnings we have about harmful UV rays we know some of you are die hard “Sunners” so, if you insist on achieving  your sun-drenched glow all-natural (we highly discourage this method) then PLEASE be sure to use an high SPF sunscreen and reapply it often.  (More tips on sunscreen here)  

On your wedding day choosing an airbrush foundation is the perfect finishing touch for a picture perfect flawless finish.  Makeup In The 702 uses a custom blended product to match your skin tone that can be applied to cover the neck, décolleté, arms and back and includes a transfer and water resistant, 15+ hours of wear guarantee.  For more on airbrush foundation read Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbrushing

If  you’re planning a wedding in Las Vegas we’ll be right here waiting for you when the time is right for you and your wedding…  In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your vision and answer any questions you might have….please visit our Contact page and Simply fill out the very short form to get the conversation started.

You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!   Our makeup artists and hair stylists are well educated, well trained, highly skilled and extremely passionate!

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  Need more inspiration?  Follow us on Instagram for up to the minute glorious inspiration.

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