Bridal Beauty Planning In A Post Pandemic World

Cities are starting to slowly open with some restrictions being lifted and new standards being implemented by salons, agencies and the independent stylists/makeup artists.  Now more than ever choosing a professional licensed agency will be critical to your wedding day bridal beauty planning. 

You’re not alone in knowing where to begin?   We’re right here with you navigating through the unknowns.  It will be some time yet before Las Vegas wedding venues are ready to fully re-open with travel bans still in place, social distancing recommendations and limitations on venue capacity.  We expect to see smaller venues and off strip venues to make the first strides in bringing the wedding destination capitol of the world back to life.  

Once you have secured your date and selected your venue it’s time to start securing your other wedding vendors and booking your makeup artist  should be one of the first professional services you secure for your day.  

In a world of “Insta Artists” it’s important to know that the stylist and makeup artist you select for your wedding day has been trained and has the knowledge of the newest industry health and safety and sanitation protocols.  

Ask for referrals.  Your venue will have a good list of wedding professionals that they know and trust. It’s easy for an artist or an agency to “toot their own horn” but a third party reference will give you the inside deets you’re looking for.  Third party references are brutally honest!  If they’ve burned or if one of their clients have been burned they WILL let you know.

Contingency plans MUST be a part of your planning process for your wedding.  Get the contract! We’ve seen broken hearts this year already don’t let your wedding day be a victim!

We can’t stress this enough.  Imagine you’re a bride in the short hours before your ceremony anxiously awaiting the arrival of your hair and makeup artist and they are a no show…. it’ happens and it’s devastating.  If you did not have a contract in place for their services you have no recourse.  Be wary of those that do not ask for a deposit it’s an open door for no show.  As we mentioned earlier make sure your artist is licensed, a non-licensed makeup artist or stylist is HUGE red flag for disaster in that they clearly do not yet understand this key element of  professionalism of  business.

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  When hiring a professional stylist or makeup artist you have every right to ask questions about their sanitation process.  If they are offended that’s a BIG RED FLAG!  Hair and makeup sanitation is not a new topic however amid the coronavirus pandemic these practices have come under much scrutiny.  If the stylist/artist or agency you are considering does not have sanitation practices in place or if they cannot readily recite them to you LOOK ELSEWHERE!  

You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!   Our makeup artists and hair stylists are well educated, well trained, highly skilled and extremely passionate!

If  you’re planning a wedding in Las Vegas we’ll be right here waiting for you when the time is right for you and your wedding…  In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your vision and answer any questions you might have….please visit our Contact page and Simply fill out the very short form to get the conversation started.

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  

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