Wedding Day Hangovers Happen

Last night was fun… this morning not so much.  It’s a fact! Wedding day hangovers happen, and they happen more often than you think.  

You’ve spent months stressing with your pain staking planning to make sure every little detail is fairy-tale perfection, it’s the night before your wedding day and every thing is in place.  You take a deep breath and a sigh of relief, nothing can go wrong now.  

Whether it’s your rehearsal dinner surrounded by friends and family from near and far and the glasses of wine keep flowing with just one more toast to the bride and groom or last minute bachelorette party shenanigans, before you realize it that last drink was one too many. 

Your eyes open as you awaken, your first thought I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY! You sit up and whammo!  You’ve got a wedding day hangover!  OH NO!  You stumble to the mirror, your eyes are red and puffy, your skin is parched, Relax we’ve got your back! 

The hangover is only going to last for day, the memories of the day ahead will last you a lifetime.  So take a deep breath and let’s get started so you’re ready when your makeup artist arrives. Your instincts are telling you coffee!!  I need coffee STAT!  STOP! Skip the caffeine and skip the morning mimosa both will only add to your puffiness.  Now is the time to DRINK UP!  LOL..  Water and plenty of it along with fluids packed with electrolytes such as coconut water or Pedialyte and some herbal or ginger tea to settle your stomach are the go to, to get you up and running for the day.  

First let’s wake up your skin!  Chances are you didn’t get last nights makeup off so cleanse your face and wash what’s left of last night.

Now we need to hydrate both your skin and your body.  Alcohol severely dehydrates your skin, exaggerating and exacerbating fine lines and every little flaw, hydrating will offset the effects and while your daily moisturizer might be fine any other day we need to amp it up.  We suggest grabbing a 15 minute hydrating and plumping sheet mask, this will help restore some much needed vitamins and moisture to your skin very quickly.  To reduce swelling grab some ice cubes and massage your skin (you can do this with or without a sheet mask).  Follow up with a toning mist to tighten pores and help smooth your skins natural surface.

Feeling a little better now?  Grab a shower and get the blood flowing (grab another bottle of water too)

Next EAT!  You’ve got a big day ahead of you.  Alcohol lowers blood sugar, and you need a hearty breakfast packed with proteins. 

To maintain your energy and help the hydration going continue drinking water and snack on food packed with potassium like bananas, yogurt, avocado, sweet potato and watermelon.  

When your makeup artist arrives let her know what steps you’ve taken so far, she’ll take it from there, you’ll be photo perfect and ready to walk down the aisle.  No one will ever know… what happens in the bridal suite, stays in the bridal suite.  We certainly hope you won’t need these tips but it’s better to be armed with a plan… just in case. 😉 


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