Tanning Tips for The Bride To Be

We’re still reeling from the excitement of Bridal Fashion Week and the stunning bridal designs for 2020.  Standouts are plunging neck and back lines and asymmetrical cuts that accent the décolletage, arms, neck and back.   

When it comes to thinking about skin care and your wedding day most brides tend to only think about their facial complexion so today we’re going to extend our conversation and talk about two of the most neglected areas, the neckline and the décolleté.

With the ever advancing technology and high def quality of photography and videography today who wouldn’t want  a dewy sun kissed glow on their wedding day?  It simply makes you feel fabulously extraordinary on your most photographed day.  

First things first, before you go rushing into the sun, the tanning salon or buying expensive self tanning products.  As you know good color starts with good skin so if you’re not already including your neckline and your décolleté in your daily skin care routine this is the perfect opportunity to begin doing so.  No matter what technique you choose to achieve your desired level sunny glow if you don’t prepare your skin first you risk getting blotchy or streaky results. 

Despite all of the warnings we have about harmful UV rays we know some of you are die hard “Sunners” so, if you insist on achieving  your sun-drenched glow all-natural (we highly discourage this method) then PLEASE be sure to use an high SPF sunscreen and reapply it often.  (More tips on sunscreen here)  

Self tanning products are a great option and can be used in the privacy of your own home and are pretty affordable.  (The April issue of Harper’s Bazaar has a great list of self tanners.) If you choose this method then we recommend you get an early start.  Building your base can take a couple of weeks so you’ll want to allow some time to fine tune your results.  Choose a shade that is a bit lighter than you’d like as these products tend to darken with time and continued applications. 

Spray tanning of course is the fastest way to achieve your tanning goals.  If you choose a spray with a bronzer you’ll be glowing right away, but be weary of choosing a tone that is too dark. Don’t forget we mentioned plunging back lines too so so don’t forget to turn in the booth. (lol) (remember the Ross Geller experience?)


For those of you that aren’t shy and would rather take all of the guesswork out of it airbrush tanning is the way to go!  Custom calibrated UV-Free tanning solutions give you an even hue and a skilled technician can also use the fine mist to define muscles or conceal stretch marks, scars and cellulite. Just like your makeup trial, you should schedule a trial of your airbrushed tan and take if for a test run.  

Bonus Tip!  Don’t forget  to have your brows done a day or two before your spray tan especially if you have them tinted.  Brow tint can have an adverse reaction to tanning spray (greening) which is VERY DIFFICULT to remove.

Lastly, on your wedding day choosing an airbrush foundation is the perfect finishing touch for a picture perfect flawless finish.  Makeup In The 702 uses a custom blended product to match your skin tone that can be applied to cover the neck, décolleté, arms and back and includes a transfer and water resistant, 15+ hours of wear guarantee.  For more on airbrush foundation read Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbrushing

Start planning your beauty today!  Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal, CLICK HERE.  You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day.

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