Bridal Hair Styles for Windy Winter Days

Glow with the flow because you just can’t control everything.

Brides to be that don’t normally obsess over small details become complete control freaks over every tiny detail. The truth is that you can’t control everything and you certainly cannot control the weather.  The Southern Nevada desert is much like the Batanes, One of the beautiful provinces found in the Philippines, also known as the “Home of the Winds”.

While rainy day plan b’s are not something we need to plan for very often  in Southern Nevada, the reality is that windy days are indeed something you need to plan for.  The wind in our beautiful valley and the spectacular desert escapes that surrounds us can go from a gentle breeze to 40mph gusts in a blink of an eye.

What’s a bride to do?

Trust your photographer, Las Vegas wedding photographers have a special gift when it comes to working in windy conditions so trust the process and don’t try to fight it.   Today  we’re sharing a few tips and some style inspiration.

Work with the wind

Embrace the breeze! The true joy of having your hair professionally styled for your wedding day is that it will be fuss free and picture perfect throughout your entire day.  Don’t try to fight the wind, it’s a loosing battle.  Instead choose a style that works with the breeze, you’ll be amazed how much stunning movement will be added to your photos.

For outdoor scenarios where wind is a consideration try to stay away from sleek finished styles and tightly pinned up-dos.  Instead opt for loose up-dos, beachy waves, long loose curls, a pony tail, and half up/half down looks, all work brilliantly with the breeze.

Stunning braids & Twists

Chic, elegant and fuss free!  Always-in-style and one of our fave choices, wind or no wind!

Ready to start your day with us?

You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!  That’s why our promise to you is guaranteed!  15-Hour water and transfer resistant makeup and  wind resistant hair.

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