Bridal Party Gifting Simplified

Gift giving simplified for your Bridesmaids (and Mom)!

Who pays for bridal party hair and makeup?  It’s an etiquette question we get asked everyday.  Solution, remove the question from the scenario completely and gift hair and makeup for your bridal party.  

There’s a time honored tradition of gifting for your bridesmaids.  Over the years we’ve seen so many different ideas but none quite compare to giving the gift of beauty for the day.

It’s a gift that will not be easily forgotten, as you and your girls look back at the photos of the day they will quickly become some of your most treasured memories as you remember all the  love, laughs and tears shared during those last single girl moments each and every time you look at your photos for decades to come.

Two reasons gifting at least bridal makeup to your bridal attendees can be a major win for you, the bride!

Quality assurance!

By giving each of them the gift of beauty on your day it insures that everyone in your photos will have a cohesive look, minimize editing needs and increases the quality of your photos. 

Our 15 hour transfer resistant guarantee will prevent any tears of joy from messing up your maid of honor’s face.

Reduces Stress!

Having everyone in one place ensures prompt getting ready times.  We’ll help you plan your entire day of bridal beauty and timeline well before your day.  The Makeup In The 702 experience is all about service! Our goal is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident as you begin your day.  Our team is always the first wedding vendor you will encounter on your wedding day putting the pressure on us allows you enjoy your beautiful bridal moments.

What about Mom?

Planning brides, listen closely. It’s your mom’s day to and she has waited a lifetime to watch you walk down the aisle.⁠

On your wedding day you’ll be surrounded by loved ones and friends and just as you have been dreaming about your wedding day (probably since you were just a little girl) so has mom.  Your wedding day is a right of passage for you from single girl into woman hood and it’s a day mom has been dreaming for your entire lifetime. 

Why not make it the ultimate mother/daughter day with wedding day makeup for mom. ⁠Don’t be surprised when you’re planning hair and makeup and she says “no, baby it’s your day, I’m all good” PLAN HER HAIR AND MAKEUP ANYWAY!!!! That is what moms say because they are giving and all about you and your wants and your needs. ⁠ ⁠ A month prior to the wedding when she comes back to you and says “actually I do need hair and makeup” and you can tell her- ALREADY DONE MOMMY!

⁠Trust me on this🙏🏼⁠

⁠ Ready to get gifting?  Start planning your beauty today!

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  Our Promise 15 hour water and transfer resistant makeup and wind resistant hair.  A hair & makeup experience tailored to fit your unique needs.  5 Star Service From First Inquiry Till I Do.

To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal,  just complete this simple form to get the conversation started.  After all,  You do deserve the very best on your most beautiful day.


Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area. 

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