Beautiful Bridal Brows… Wax or Thread?

Hi there, Megan from Makeup in the 702 here helping you prep and prepare for your wedding day with another great tip. Today we will weigh the pros and cons of waxing vs threading your eyebrows.

First let me just put this out there. Eyebrows are the entire frame of your face. As an artist, if I change the way you normally see your eyebrows I’ll change the way you see yourself. That is not what I want to do, so the discussion and a selfie of how you normally where your brows is vital during our consultation. With that being said, if you don’t wax or thread I’ll point out a few things in this weeks blog on why you should groom your brows, even if it is just for a few months before the wedding.

Grooming your brows and keeping up with a brow shape has changed so much over the years and I can really tell the decade a photo is from, just by the way the eye brows look in the photo. Hence the reason that we don’t want to go with the trend when it comes to your makeup look or your brow upkeep for the wedding.

So, let’s dig right in shall we. Waxing vs threading is quoted as saying “Threading uses a doubled-up cotton or polyester thread to quickly tweeze and remove hair from the root. A tweezer removes a hair at a time, but threading can remove sections of hair with each pass of the thread. The doubled-up thread is rolled over your skin, catches the hair, and pulls the hair out entirely”. “Waxing is the removal of hair using a resin or a wax to grab the hairs and pull them out entirely, from the root”.

Choosing which one is better is a battle as tough as Coke vs Pepsi. While we can compare lots of differences between waxing and threading, let’s focus on some of the more important factors, like cost, longevity and which one gives you a better end result, o and of course, which one hurts more….

Cost is important because you should know what you’re getting into. Cost almost always goes along with time, but in this comparison, that is not necessary true. Waxing typically costs more than threading, but waxing takes less time to do than threading. Part of the reason behind the cost difference is that wax, muslin and other items used for sanitary reasons are a cost forward. Experts that thread eyebrows have very little cost to perform the service. It’s also a good time to mention that it is imperative that you are trusting someone that is a true expert at shaping brows. Don’t trust just anyone. Ask for referral from family and friends that you trust. Heck, ask even a stranger who she goes to if you like the way her brows look. Please, don’t just lay down with anyone. One misstep and you will have patches of unevenness and possible uneven brows. They say brows are sisters and not twins, but let’s not do this on purpose folks.

Photo credit- KMH Photography, Faithfully Yours Planner, Dragon Ridge Country Club, Hair and Makeup by Makeup in the 702

Which one give you a better result- waxing or threading? Like many things in the beauty industry the person performing the service is really the one behind the result. However, it does seem that clients with thicker and fuller brows get a great shape with threading, while thinner or sparser brows do well with waxing because wax picks up baby fine hairs that threading can’t. You’ll need to try them both to see which result you like. May I suggest trying now and not the week before the wedding.

Photo credit- Amberlight photography Hair and Makeup by Makeup in the 702

Let’s face it, what you really want to know is, which one hurts more. Certainly, any hair being pulled out is going to have a certain amount of discomfort. So that would lead one to believe, the more hair the more pain, therefore one should not wait so long between appointments, because there will be less hair to remove.
Wax is applied to a larger area and then pulled off all at once taking many hairs with it, while threading is done in much smaller sections and only takes a small group of hairs at once. So which is better? My personal preference is waxing, but again, that is based upon the fact that I am a light natural blond, so many of my brow hairs can’t been seen until they are pulled out and sitting on a piece of wax. Test them both to see which result you like better.

I’m here to answer your hair and makeup questions. have a beautiful day and happy planning.  Won’t you take a moment to reach out to us on the inquiry page and take a look at the hair and makeup we just did over the past few days on Instagram.  


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