Hair Washing Do’s & Don’ts for Your Wedding Day

Q: Should I wash my hair the day of the wedding?

Hi there! Meg here your hair and makeup expert coming at you with another great tip for your wedding day. Today I’ll answer a frequently asked question- “Should I wash my hair the day of the wedding”.

Hair Washing Do's & Don'ts for Your Wedding Day | Makeup In The 702

First, if I were getting married today I would want a full shower letting the water flow freely from head to toe. You know what I’m talking about, almost a full body cleanse vs trying to wear a silly shower cap and avoid the water getting near my head at all costs. I would want a full spa experience from exfoliating to shaving to a face mask and my hair washed. Plus I would want the quiet time before the festivities begin. How about you? Me to, so go ahead, give yourself the treat and luxury of “me time”.

While in the shower it really is best to rinse and repeat your shampoo, especially if you are the gal that goes 4+days between washing or you’re a product junkie. When you grab that conditioner, go easy, and condition just the ends and not root to ends. Why? Well assuming you want volume and height to your hair, conditioner can weigh down the hair at the crown and scalp. What you want to do every day is your choice, but we are talking about wedding day prep. 

As a general rule, consumers use far more styling product than they should. It’s true and I’m guilty of it myself. You grab the shine serum, then the root booster, followed by a heat protectant and so on. Now I’m not saying not to use all these products, what I’m challenging you to do is use half the amount you normally put into your palm or spray at the scalp.  If your buying quality products that are concentrated and made to give shine, volume or protecting, more is not better. More just weighs your hair down, making it more challenging to get the height and hold you need for the duration of your wedding day.

Hair Washing Do's & Don'ts for Your Wedding Day | Makeup In The 702

Now that you’re on the same page, the best rule to follow. Blow dry your hair. Yes, I know, you’re about to get your hair done, but a proper blowout, even one that you do yourself will smooth your cuticle and give you shine. Smoothing the cuticle while it’s wet gives your hair a better chance of manipulating the curl size and style you want? Smoothing the cuticle with a brush and blow-dryer will also leave your hair with a luster that it so beautiful and model perfect. If you have damaged ends or haven’t had a trim because you’ve been growing your hair out, the blow out will give your stylist the opportunity to hide that damage while Hair Washing Do's & Don'ts for Your Wedding Day | Makeup In The 702styling your hair. The biggest no no for wet hair is to throw it up in a bun or clip and let it air dry. Letting your hair air dry this way will give you a big beautiful dent, how pretty for your wedding day!

I know I know, so much prep and you’re wondering why you can’t just take the “easy” way out and flat iron your hair to make it “smooth”. Well this is a fine idea if you want your end result to be flat ironed, but if you want your hair curled or up your going to miss the mark. When hair is flat ironed your temporally telling your cuticle “stay straight don’t move”. A stylist, cannot then go back and manipulate a curl OR get a curl to stay or hold. Just don’t…


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