Wedding Makeup For the Fierce, Fabulous and In Their 40’s Bride!

It’s the dawn of a new era!  Millennials are now entering their fabulous 40’s and we could not be more excited!  Whether you’re walking down the aisle for the first time or renewing your vows you still deserve to feel and look like the most beautiful you on your wedding day.

I really feel like we ‘ve been talking a lot about skincare lately but it really is the foundation of your desired look for your wedding day,  As we get older our beauty needs change so today we’re talking about some tips to achieve that flawless makeup look for your wedding day as well as use everyday beyond.

As we begin to age (especially when we get into our 40’s) our skin becomes thinner, dulling our complexion and as we get closer to menopause our estrogen levels begin to diminish which in turn makes our skin drier.  Even if you’ve never had a regular skincare routine it doesn’t mean you can’t start now and see fantastic visible results. So where do you start? Begin by cleansing daily with a hydrating cleanser that matches your skin type.  We recommend twice daily, morning and at bed time making sure you wash the day’s makeup and pollutants away.  Follow your nighttime cleansing with some overnight skin and eye therapy fortified with retinol, a derivative of vitamin A and/or vitamin C to reduce those fine lines.  Note:  If your skin is sensitive choose a milder formula with retinol palmitate. Don’t forget the neck and decollate!  Your wedding dress will not doubt reveal a little (or a lot) of this neglected and often overlooked part of your body.  This thinner and fragile skin requires some extra special care.  Try using a gentle facial scrub once or twice a week and moisturize twice a day when you apply or remove your makeup.  This will help ensure a photo perfect finish.

Now more than ever we need to focus on hydrating and protecting our skin, moisturizing and using sunscreen with an spf of 30+ is absolutely essential everyday!   No matter what your skin type is—oily, dry, normal or a combo— it craves water. Foods such as oily fish, sweet potatoes, avocado, nuts and seeds also offer skin boosting benefits. Bonus tip! Consider changing or moderating for the health of your skin are caffeine, sugars and alcohol and salty snacks.  Other super foods for your face? Try grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes and kale. Our final beauty tip of the day for your wedding day…. Choose Makeup In The 702!  When it comes to creating your perfect bridal look Makeup In The 702 can help you choose colors that are warming to your skin tone that give you that youthful bridal glow that looks naturally healthy.

Ready to get gorgeous? 

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