Fall & Winter Brides-What To Know Before You Book You Hair & Makeup

Book your Fall & Winter 2022 dates!  
It seems unusual to be talking about Fall and Winter weddings when it’s still 100+degress out however, as the days and weeks tick on brides are in full planning mode and prime dates are filling up fast!  In particular, Saturday wedding dates, memorable dates like palindrome dates, lunar events and holiday weekend dates fill up the fastest so the earlier you book the better your chances of securing your beauty dream team for your dream day.

Booking your hair and makeup with an agency such as Makeup In The 702 vs. and individual artist or stylist offers more flexibility in scheduling and availability and the ability to work with the date you’ve chosen and locked in with your venue.  An agency like ours has multiple stylists and artists some of whom are able to provide both hair and makeup opening up the scheduling options for maximum flexibility, giving everyone plenty of time to get out the door and arrive on time.

What to know before you book

With the many many details to put together for your wedding day booking your makeup artist  should be one of the first professional services you secure for your day.  In addition to having your date and your venue secured  having this info prior to inquiring will ensure a smooth journey before you say I do:

ℹ️ Who is requesting a service
Will it be just the bride? Will your bridal party be getting ready with you? What about your mother or mother of the groom? Any other special members of the day?

ℹ️ What services are needed
Will you need both hair and make up for the day? Will you be providing the make up services for your bridesmaids?

ℹ️ Where will you be getting ready
Will you and your party have a bridal suite? Will you be getting ready at your venue?

ℹ️ When do you need to be ready by
You can expect the team to be early and finish exactly when you need to get dressed and out the door.

The timeliness of hair and makeup sets the tone for the entire timeline for the brides day. 

Many make the mistake of  not allowing enough time for hair and makeup on the day of, especially if there is more than just the bride waiting for hair and makeup leaving you stressed out big time as everyone waits for their turn.  

Our goal is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident as you begin your day.

Our team is more often than not the first wedding vendor you will encounter on your wedding day, putting the pressure on us to set the pace and tone for the day.

That is why we ALWAYS come to you.  Having served Las Vegas brides for over 10+ years, we are excited to be a part of your big day.

Did we mention that our services are all inclusive ?

When we say our services are all inclusive we mean it!  Many artists and stylist use a la’ carte pricing based on a myriad of factors including hair length, adding accessories or a veil to your style or adding eyelashes to your makeup.  Things you’ll never pay extra for when you choose Makeup In The 702 for your wedding day:

👩 Longer hair, Updo’s or Braided looks- no two brides are alike and neither is their hair.  

👰 Placement of your veil or accessories-

🤩 Eyelashes- We believe these are a game changer for your photos! We believe this so strongly that we include them for each and every bride that sits in our chair.

🖌Airbrush foundation vs. traditional foundation-you don’t have to make this choice based on a dollar figure.  While working with your artist, together you can determine which is the best choice for YOU!

✅ Most importantly our work is guaranteed!

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Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area. 

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