Bridal Hair & Makeup- An Elopement Essential

Bride, this truly is the Good Life!

Marrying your best friend on a beautiful  day in any season in the wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas.  The only way it gets even better is when you have the best hair and makeup team to Start Your Day with. No matter the size of your ceremony you will want to look and feel like the most beautiful version of you on your most beautiful day, making professional hair styling and makeup a wedding day splurge worthy essential service. We are so fortunate to be able to work with Brides from around the world!  Our number one goal for your destination elopement is to make things as stress free as possible.  First and foremost we encourage you to book your bridal hair and makeup early, there is no “off season” when planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas. Book your location or venue first and don’t be shy, ask your bridal concierge/consult for referrals.  Knowing where you’ll be getting married will  also have a huge impact on your style.  You’ll be able to share details with your beauty team that will help them help you determine your beauty timeline for the day.  We encourage you to ask for referrals. Venues are not going to refer you to someone they do not trust since it’s there reputation on the line too. Destination brides are not always afforded the opportunity to schedule a trial date prior to their wedding day furthering the importance of booking with us well advance. If it works within your travel plans try to plan for a trial.  Planning your travels to include time for a trial has other benefits too.  You’ll have the chance to preview your look and let your artist and stylist know of  any changes you’d like to your hair or makeup when you have your day of makeup done. Why this is important:  A makeup trial gives you an opportunity to meet your artist face to face and a chance to get to know them and how they work.  It’s a priceless opportunity to see just how you’re makeup will look on your wedding day. What If I don’t have time for a trial?  Las Vegas is the destination wedding capital of the world, so we completely understand and know that sometimes there is just not an opportunity to schedule a trial. In those instances, Makeup In The 702 provides a phone consultation and we work through the prep details to ensure that we hit a home run on your wedding day.  Avoiding a wedding day disaster! The number one mistake brides make when planning their hair and makeup for the day is not allowing enough time. Many make the mistake of  not allowing enough time for hair and makeup on the day of, especially if there is more than just the bride waiting for hair and makeup leaving you stressed out big time as everyone waits for their turn. The timeliness of hair and makeup sets the tone for the entire timeline for the brides day.  You should book your Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist as soon as you establish your ceremony time and your first look with your photographer.  This allows us to use our expertise to create your timeline so nobody feels stressed, pressed or rushed once they are in the chair.  Giving everyone plenty of time to get out the door and arrive on time. When booking from afar do your research!  Not all makeup artists are alike,  and not all artists specialize in wedding day hair and makeup.  Each has their own areas of expertise, some do bridal makeup, some do runway makeup and some do makeup for television or video.  Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding requires many considerations.   Look at their past work. You’ll want to see a body of their work or real brides in real scenarios in high resolution.  Viewing their portfolio will give you an in depth look at their skill level, diversity and the area they specialize in.  If their portfolio primarily consists of runway shots chance are they won’t have a full understanding of the complexity of bridal makeup. Get the contract! We’ve seen broken commitments and broken hearts don’t let your wedding day be a victim!  We can’t stress this enough.  Imagine you’re a bride in the short hours before your ceremony anxiously awaiting the arrival of your hair and makeup artist and they are a no show…. it’ happens and it’s devastating.  If you did not have a contract in place for their services you have no recourse.  Heads up!  Be wary of those that do not ask for a deposit it’s an open door for no show.

Professionalism matters!  The results are in the photos!

Whatever your vision is, our commitment to an exemplary customer service experience and it starts with you- right here, right now.   Our promise is a wall-worthy wedding look you and generations to come will cherish.

Ready to get gorgeous?

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Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area. You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!  That’s why our promise to you is guaranteed!  15-Hour water and transfer resistant makeup and  wind resistant hair.

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