We ask the right questions to get the right information, it’s all about YOU!

It can be as simple as asking our clients “What look are you going for that day?” or “Do you have any allergies?” Other times your beauty team may need to do a bit more digging to find out what direction you want go in for your wedding hair and makeup. “Do you normally wear your hair up and pulled back?” “What celebrity do you think you look most like?”  By having open and honest conversations with our clients, where there are no wrong answers, it helps us find the right look for everyone who sits in our chair to feel their most confident and beautiful on such a special day. 

No matter how hard we try to get that hair just perfect there are just some things we can’t see or reach a professional stylist has no blind spots. Much the same thought applies to a makeup artist. The artist knows how to bring out and accentuate your best features with highlighting, contouring and blending to make you look your best for both your groom and those cameras.  Our goal for your wedding day hair and makeup to be sure you look and feel like you on your most beautiful day. 

The most valuable result of having both your hair and makeup done professionally on your wedding day is your wedding photos!  At the end of the day, after the food has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, what do you have left? The history of your wedding day in photos.