The Professional Path | Bridal Beauty Planning During The Pandemic

Without a doubt planning your wedding during the pandemic has challenged both your thinking and your budget. With 2020 postponement fatigue fading and as we progress into 2021 some trends like elaborate receptions and décor may fall to the wayside making room in you budget to choose what matters most to you.

Shifting your budget to include professional hair and makeup, a larger photography package and perhaps videography. Professionalism, reputation and vendors with the highest standards and safety protocols should top your list in 2021 and beyond.

When it comes to Hair and Makeup

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL makeup artist! Now more than ever investing in a professional makeup artist like us should be an item that you include in your overall wedding budget.  Just as you’ve researched your other vendors you read reviews, check their licensing and credentials, and view their body of work. Then based upon what you like and after your conversation with the hair and makeup artist, you make your decision to hire them. When you talk to your hair and makeup artist, your conversation should be easy and effortless and should go beyond pricing and availability. Such as inquiring about mask policy’s and sanitation procedures.

If they don’t have time to talk to you beforehand or the conversation seemed uncomfortable or uneasy, chances are- they are not the hair and makeup team for you.

Of course it should go without saying that the most valuable result of having both your hair and makeup done professionally on your wedding day is your wedding photos!  When the day has come and gone all you’ll have left is your gown tucked away in a closet, your memories and photos, so shouldn’t you look like the most beautiful version of you in that stunning gown? 

Wedding dates for 2021 are already at a premium even here in Las Vegas the Wedding Capitol of The World!. Venues are booking fewer events per day to allow for additional sanitation steps to ensure that your wedding day is safe.

Book you venue as soon as possible, once booked you’ll be able to start booking your other wedding pros including your hair stylist and makeup artist. We’ve always recommended that you ask for referrals. Now, more than ever your venue and other wedding professionals are going to be very selective in the referrals they offer. You can be assured that any referral you receive is going to be a referral to a vendor they know and trust.

The not knowing of what will come next with COVID-19 can cause much fear and anxiety. When it comes to planning your wedding day look we’re here to help guide you and take some of that stress away. We do hope that you’ll be planning a wedding in Las Vegas and when you’re ready, we’ll be right here waiting for you when the time is right for you!

In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your vision and answer any questions you might have…. Simply fill out the very short form  below to get the conversation started.

You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!   
Our makeup artists and hair stylists are well educated, well trained, highly skilled and extremely passionate!

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