Fabulously Fresh Natural Bridal Makeup

Natural, barely-there, subtle, minimal, understated and fresh.

However you describe it or whatever your call it, make no mistake, natural makeup is makeup.  The key is having a skilled artist that understands how to make features POP!

Defining your look

A natural look or a barely there look means different things to different brides.   Some may just want a neutral eye color and rosy cheeks while another may want/need full coverage foundation with a nude lip and soft tones for the eyes and cheeks.  No two brides are alike and achieving that natural looking bridal glow requires a makeup artist that is highly skilled.


Communication is key

Makeup is personal, be specific when sharing your wants and needs with your makeup artist.   Natural looking wedding makeup is very different from your “everyday” natural look.  When you’re defining your day of look you’ll want to consider many things such as, do you want your freckles to show?  Is your natural skin tone fairly even or will you need full coverage foundation?  These are things you’ll want to discuss with your makeup professional in advance.

#ProTip Share selfies taken in full light or outdoors and share them with your artist in advance.  Include your vision board or inspiration photos as well.  These will really help guide your beauty team.

When you talk to your hair and makeup artist, your conversation should be easy and effortless. If they don’t have time to talk to you before hand or the conversation seemed odd, chances are- they are not the hair and makeup team for you.

It all starts with good skin

Healthy well hydrated skin is the secret to achieving  this minimalist look.  If this stunningly classic look is what your seeking for your wedding day then committing to a strict and stringent skin care routine is essential in the months ahead of your wedding.  Check out our 7 Essential tips to get that fabulous bridal glow  to prepare you skin for this timeless and classic look.

Final thoughts and finishing touches

All eyes and the camera lens will be on you so go for lush lashes when planning your barely there look.   Lashes are game changers.  They help to open eyes up in the bright light of the desert, so your eyes don’t look like you are squinting, and in low lighting scenarios like wedding receptions they ensure that your eyes show up. They accentuate eye color and make all of us feel sexier.

Don’t forget your brows!  Eyebrows are the entire frame of your face. If you change the way you normally see your eyebrows you’ll change the way you see yourself.  Take care in the month’s ahead of your wedding to groom your brows regularly.  Not sure if waxing or threading is for you?  Read our tips on beautiful bridal brows here.

Whatever look you’re going for one thing holds true, each and every bride wants to be the most beautiful version of themselves.  Our job is to deliver a timeless and classic look that you can look back on in the years to come and recognize that radiant woman in the photographs.

Book the trial

Because Las Vegas is a destination city not all brides coming to Las Vegas have time to schedule a trial, however if you are local or coming to Las Vegas early or for planning then by all means let’s schedule at trial.  Your give you the opportunity to ask every question you have and see real time results.

If during your trial you don’t like something and you don’t speak up. Your hair and makeup artist cannot read your mind, but we sure know body language and can tell if someone likes or doesn’t like something. When we ask, what’s your thoughts, we really want to know- what do you think- do you want something changed?

So be clear and we welcome your feedback, please don’t just smile and say you like it, we can tell the difference…

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