Wedding Day Makeup Do’s & Don’ts For Mom

It’s the last single girl moments, that time in the bridal suite.  If you’ve invited mom and even your mother-in-law to be to be a part of your pre-wedding bonding session it’s an even more special time.  Time spent together in those hours in the bridal suite will soon  be some of the sweetest memories of the day you look back on.

What Mother’s of the Bride Need To Know

You’ll want Mom to be as prepared for the day as you are.  That said we have a few tips for you and Mom, let’s call it the do’s and don’ts for the mothers.

Do plan for a trial

Hair and makeup trials aren’t just for the bride.   Hopefully Mom will trust that the bride has done her homework and selected the absolute best beauty team for her day.  A trial is your opportunity to meet your makeup team and design your look for your wedding day.    Having a plan in place for the day of will relieve and nervousness or apprehensions Mom might have about being included in the pre-wedding activities on the day of your wedding.   

Do Find and bring inspirational photos of hair and makeup along with an open mind.

Create an inspiration board of hair and makeup looks you tend to gravitate to and share it with your artist and stylist so they have an understanding of what your preferences are.  You also need to be flexible and work with your stylist, while an updo might look beautifully elegant it may not be for you.  Thinner hair for instance might be better down or in a half up half down style.  The important thing is to keep an open mind.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak up

Mom, it’s one thing to trust  your artist and hair stylist  but don’t be forced out of your comfort zone when it come’s to hair and makeup.  FIND YOUR VOICE and not be afraid to speak up.  You can’t hurt our feelings, honest and open communication is essential to the success of your overall look for the day of.  We want you to tell us what you do want but more importantly what you absolutely don’t want.  If you don’t typically wear a bold lip color or smoky eyes and aren’t comfortable doing so please tell us.  Just like the bride, we want you to feel like the  most beautiful version of you.

Las Vegas is the destination wedding capital of the world, so we completely understand and know that sometimes there is just not an opportunity to schedule a trial.  Rest assured, in those instances, Makeup In The 702 provides a phone consultation and we work through the prep details to ensure that we hit a home run on your wedding day.

Do Say “I Do” to lashes

Long beautiful lashes add glamour to any bridal look.

✨ False lashes step up your lash game adding both volume and shape.

✨ Lashes open eyes up in the bright light of the desert, so your eyes don’t look like you are squinting.

✨ In low lighting scenarios like wedding receptions, they ensure that your eyes show up.

✨ They accentuate eye color.

Let’s face it they make all of us feel ultra feminine and a bit sexier, and you’ll LOVE the way your eyes will POP in the photos.

Ultimately, our goal is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident as you begin your day with your daughter.

Do Start Your Day With Us!

To get started simply fill out the very short form  below to get he conversation started, check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal.

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  Our Guarantee, 15-Hour water and transfer resistant makeup and  wind resistant hair.

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