3 Distinct Bridal Looks

Be your own level of fierce!

As you scroll endlessly through Pins and Grams planning your bridal look can become very confusing and overwhelming when you’re inundated with so many choices which ultimately complicates the decision-making process.   Today we’re breaking it down to and recapping three distinct looks/categories that we’ve recently shared.

  • The no makeup or barely there look
  • The Classic look
  • The Iconic/Glam Look

Natural, barely-there, subtle, minimal, understated and fresh.

However you describe it or whatever your call it, make no mistake, natural makeup is makeup.  The key is having a skilled artist that understands how to make features POP!

A natural look or a barely there look means different things to different brides.   Some may just want a neutral eye color and rosy cheeks while another may want/need full coverage foundation with a nude lip and soft tones for the eyes and cheeks.  Achieving that natural looking bridal glow requires a makeup artist that is highly skilled.

Timeless, classic and wall worthy!

Don’t mistake classic as simple.  Achieving this elevated look will take some work on your part prior to the day of.  You’ll adore the results an it will leave you looking like you on your most beautiful day.  This soft and classic look will be unforgettable and un-regrettable.  Must haves for the classic bridal look, long fluttery lashes, radiant skin and brows that are on point!  To add  just right amount of POP to your look choose a statement lip color.

Bold glamourous looks

Truly a next level look for the bride that wants that truly EXTRA vibe.  Sophisticated, elegant and timeless.  Smokey eyes, bold lashes and lips and perfectly contoured cheeks… your groom and guests will be swooning over this look.

Final thoughts and finishing touches

To prepare for any of these looks…

Commit to a great skin care routine!  Your wedding day is a good motivator to start a good skin care routine and to start building some great new habits to take care of your skin.  If you don’t have a regular beauty regimen in place now we have some tips here to get you started.  Invest your time in you… YOU’RE WORTH IT!   For more read our Five Bridal Beauty Tips Every Planning Bride Should Know.

For those brows… Well shaped and defined brows are on fleek this year.  Out with the heavy brows and in with well defined  filled lines that follow the  natural brow line.  We HIGHLY recommend that you seek out a  professional  Esthetician to achieve the perfect shape and arch for your face.   Don’t try to DIY this this task!

Whatever look you’re going for one thing holds true, each and every bride wants to be the most beautiful version of themselves.  Our job is to deliver a look that you can look back on in the years to come and recognize that radiant woman in the photographs.

Lastly, book the trial

Because Las Vegas is a destination city not all brides coming to Las Vegas have time to schedule a trial, however if you are local or coming to Las Vegas early for planning then by all means let’s schedule at trial.  We are here to answer every question you have.

Ready to start your day with us?

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.   To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal,  just complete this simple form to get the conversation started.  After all,  You do deserve the very best on your most beautiful day.

Did we mention… The Makeup In The 702 Guarantee! 15 hours of water and transfer resistant makeup and  windproof wedding hair!

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