Finding That Perfect Glow

7 Essential tips to get that fabulous bridal glow.

Your wedding day photos are meant to last a lifetime.  Picture perfect skin doesn’t happen overnight.  To achieve that golden hour glow you’ll need to get started at least three to six  months in advance of your day.

Planning your bridal look should be as fun and exciting as planning the other aspects of your wedding.  Whether it’s a look you spotted on your favorite social media site such as Instagram or Pinterest or a glamorous look you spotted in a bridal magazine, taking control of your skin care routine and building healthy habits now will having you glowing from within for your wedding day photos.

1. Hydrate

No matter what your skin type is—oily, dry, normal or a combo— it craves water. Foods such as oily fish, sweet potatoes, avocado, nuts and seeds also offer skin hydrating benefits.

2. Wash With Your Hands

Here’s a secret most dermatologists will tell you: Don’t use a washcloth on your face. Washcloths can harbor bacteria.  Start with a makeup remover to tackle waterproof mascara and long-wearing lipstick then finish washing your face using just your hands.

3. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Every time you swipe on your blush with a dirty brush, you add a layer of acne-causing bacteria to your skin. Cleaning your brushes is easy, just read our 3 DIY Tips To Clean Your Makeup Brushes to learn more.

4. Pucker Up and Take Care of Those Lips

Tackle chapped/cracked lips with a vitamin-e stick daily and try a sugar scrub once a week. AND don’t forget to hydrate!  Be sure to check out our 5 tips for a perfect pout to make your lip color last all day. 

5. Don’t Forget the Neck and Decollete 

Your wedding dress will not doubt reveal a little (or a lot) of this neglected and often overlooked part of your body.  This thinner and fragile skin requires some extra special care.  Try using a gentle facial scrub once or twice a week and moisturize twice a day when you apply or remove your makeup.  This will help ensure a photo perfect finish of your airbrushing on your wedding day.  Learn more about airbrushing here.

6. Moisturize Both Morning and Night

The chill in the air may give you that give your cheeks that natural rosy look but it’s also a dehydration nightmare.  It’s easy to let this one slip by because we typically associate dryness with the summer heat.  During the winter months the hot showers, cold winds, central heating, and dry air can leave our skin and lips chapped and cracked.

7. Get plenty of rest. 

Pace yourself whether its working on your wedding favors  Sleep, Sleep, Sleep it’s what heals us.  Getting an ample amount of sleep helps to improve your complexion, helps get rid those dark circles, relieves stress and improves your disposition overall. 

I hope you find these tips useful and that they set you on a course for overall good skin care for your wedding day and every day.

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