Pre Wedding Tanning Tips

Summer is here and your inner goddess is craving that healthy looking sun kissed glow for your wedding day.  We get it.   But how do you hide those unsightly tan lines?    Self tanning products or spray tanning are by far the better and safer options to achieve that goal.

No matter what technique you choose to achieve your desired level sunny glow if you don’t prepare your skin first you risk getting blotchy or streaky results.  

Today we have our top tips for preparing for your wedding day tan. Standout gown styles with plunging neck and back lines and asymmetrical cuts that accent the décolletage, arms, neck and back are the perfect motivation for brides with any skin type or color to show off that golden glow.   Tanning products give your skin an even tone and natural glow.  

First things first, good color begins with good skin

Shower, exfoliate and shave.  Shower and exfoliate with a loofa at least 4 hours before your tanning session.   This prepares your skins surface and give the tanning product something to cling to.  DON’T exfoliate with a scrub the day of your spray.  Scrubs contain oils that can leave a film on your skin. End your shower with a cold rinse to close your pores.   DO NOT apply any lotions or moisturizers or perfumes to your skin after your shower!  This creates a barrier and prevents the tanning products from adhering to your skin and leaves your tan blotchy. Shaving.   Ideally you should shave 24 hours before using a self-tanning product or spray tan application.  Use a new fresh razor to prevent nicks and scraping the skin and again finish with a nice cold rinse.  If you wax, you should do so at least 24 hours in advance as well.  Wax can stay on the skin, making it difficult for the tanning product to hold.

Timing is Essential

If you are new to sunless tanning then we highly recommend that you allow plenty of time for trial and error or schedule trial sessions at least  6-8 weeks out from your wedding day, be sure to schedule your last trial application at least two weeks ahead of your wedding day, this will allow your tan to fade sufficiently so you are not spraying or applying self tanning products over an old application for your wedding day.  If you don’t have time for a trial run test a patch of your skin (choose an area that will be fully covered by your wedding gown) to be sure you choose a tone that suits you. Plan your final application or spray session at least 48-72 hours before your wedding day allowing plenty of time for spray tan to develop to prevent any transfer to your gown.  

Choosing your color

When choosing your color intensity, start lighter and you can always increase the color.  Building your base can take a couple of sessions so you’ll want to allow some time to fine tune your results.  Choose a shade that is a bit lighter than you’d like as these products tend to darken with time and continued applications.  If you choose a spray with a bronzer you’ll be glowing right away, but be weary of choosing a tone that is too dark.

What to wear

Self tanning products of course can be used in the privacy of your own home, however if you have chosen to use a spray method, be sure to pay close attention to the the décolleté and consider the neckline and back line of your gown.  You’ll want to make sure there is little to no tan lines in this area.  Plan to wear something that is loose fitting and a dark color once you’ve applied any type of tanning product. 

On your wedding day choosing an airbrush foundation is the perfect finishing touch for a picture perfect flawless finish.  Makeup In The 702 uses a custom blended product to match your skin tone that can be applied to cover the neck, décolleté, arms and back and includes a transfer and water resistant, 15+ hours of wear guarantee.  For more on airbrush foundation read Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbrushing

Last minute tips

Prior to your pre-wedding tanning regimen take care of your other wedding day spa treatments or beauty essentials such as brows, any facial waxing and your nails prior to your wedding day spray session.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Tanning product brands and spray formulas, make sure you understand the preparation steps before being sprayed or applying a self tanning product as well as understand the after-care .   

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