Hair Up? or Hair Down? Bridal Style Advice

What is the best way to decide if you will wear your hair up or down?

You probably have a million questions running through your mind when it comes to choosing your bridal hairstyle.  Up, down,  half up/half down, curly, straight, simple or intricate, modern or traditional, the choices seem endless.  Today we’ll discuss a few considerations that might help clear the path for you and narrow down your considerations. Think of the overall design of your gown, the neckline of your gown, or in this case the back. These are features that the designer of the gown wants you to show case and why shouldn’t you- they complete the look. ⁠

Consider your own comfort zone

Are you looking for polished perfection or a flirtatious captivating messy look?  If you typically wear your hair down consider beachy or Hollywood style waves, spiraling curls,  or a bridal blowout.

Wedding style & hair style, mix or match?

In addition to considering the style of your gown, you may also want to consider your venue and overall wedding style when selecting your bridal hair style.  If your wedding will be a more formal affair then you may want to consider a more formal style or up-do. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or more casual day then you might like to mix it up with a half-up/half-down style or add a little boho chic flair to your style.   Don’t rule out bridal braids and side swept looks.  Level up any of these looks with accessories from barrettes to tiaras.   The bonus factor!  All of these styles work with or without a veil.

Use your own photos as inspiration

While Pinterest and IG are perfectly acceptable places to find  inspo there really is not better source for personal style inspiration than your own photos.  Scroll thorough your  some of your favorite photos of yourself and determine if there’s a style choice (up, down, straight, or curly, etc.) that you’re commonly drawn to.    After all the goal here is to like you on your most beautiful day!  Your hairstyle should compliment your over look and style, not compete with it.  Bring your photos, accessories, veil and other inspiration with you to your trial, your stylist will work with you to incorporate the best choices for you.

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