A note from Megan Payne, Owner & Creative Director,  Makeup in the 702:

Why should a Bride choose Makeup in the 702 over a competitor?
Simply stated, Makeup in the 702 IS and ALWAYS has been the leader and innovator of 5 star service.

Our makeup artists and hair stylists are well educated, highly skilled and extremely passionate. This is how these artists and stylists can continue to pave the way when it comes to beauty. It also allows them to create the timeless and classic looks that are so sought after by both Brides and the industry professionals.

Photographers breathe a sigh of relief when they find out Makeup in the 702 is working with their Brides. Why? Because they know they’ll spend less time editing the photos. Wedding coordinators refer us to their clients, not only because of the outstanding end result, but because from the time a Bride contacts us until well past the wedding day, we stay in contact with her and communicate her needs along the way. Bridal shows applaud not only our professionalism, but our timeliness in completing both simple and avant-garde looks for their fashion shows.

Each and every day we wake up asking ourselves “How can I make a difference today?” “How can I set the standard and deliver on the promise of 15 hour water and transfer resistant hair and makeup? “What can I do to help?” The answer…

Well it is not as clear cut as one might think. Each Bride who contacts us is very, very different and so are her needs, wants and desires. From elopements to 15 person parties and from Las Vegas locals to those traveling over oceans, one request remains the same; I WANT TO LOOK LIKE ME, ONLY ON MY MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY.

How does Makeup in the 702 help a Bride create her perfect wedding look? How about the bridal party?
We help create a Brides look by keeping these two terms in mind; timeless and classic. Think about your grandmothers wedding photo hanging on the wall. If it were not for the actual photograph itself, would you be able to pin an era on that photo? Think about how long that photo has been hanging there. That is one of the first things we think of and share with our clients. Be yourself, whomever that is, and be that person on your wedding day as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest runway trend or Hollywood Wedding, but you’ll enjoy your day much more if you embrace who you are every day and go with it.

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and so often I’m asked if clients should bring in pictures for us. The answer to that is yes of course. Anything that a Bride can do to help convey what they want or more importantly what they don’t want is brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, we will ask several probing questions before we touch your face or hair, but if you have trouble putting the look you want into words, using a picture is a great alternative. A Bride cannot be too prepared for her hair and makeup session. We are the very first vendor on your wedding day, and we take that very seriously. Our only goal is to ensure that you look like you, only on your most beautiful day. The most successful end results are created with an undistracted and prepared client as this ensures she is at ease and fully focused on her wedding day look during her appointment.

What advice do I have for Brides about choosing her makeup and hair stylists, during the overall vendor search and during the wedding planning?
So how does one find the best of the best? Well that answer comes in many, many different forms. A Bride should start thinking about her hair and makeup when she’s in the process of selecting her dress. The two go hand-in-hand in the overall result of the wedding day look. Once the time, day and location have been set the next step is to find your photographer and videographer. You’ll need to have a clear understanding of what time you need to be ready by, so that your hair and makeup can be timed perfectly along with a first look photo, getting ready shots or even when your ride will pick you up for the ceremony. Timing is absolutely IMPERATIVE! A Bride does not want to sit around for hours with no where to go, conversely, we don’t want a Bride to feel rushed, stressed or pressed for time.

Let’s pause for a moment to talk about budgets. I know, I know this is not a favorite subject however, it is important enough to touch upon. Hair and makeup prices are based upon these factors: Education and experience as well as the products and tools used. In Las Vegas you’ll find everything from unlicensed and uninsured companies charging $50 to highly skilled and renown companies that are $150 per service. So how is a Bride to choose? My best advise is this; First look at the reviews and the companies history in the town they are located in and follow this up by scrutinizing their website. While doing this, ask yourself the following questions: Do I identify with these Brides that have used their services? Do I see a look that I like? Were they referred to me? After you have your answers, take another look at your budget and ensure that you’ve planned to spend the appropriate amount on your hair and makeup. This is a service that you do not want to cheap out on. Hair and makeup can make or break the history of your wedding day photos.

Are there any beauty service I would definitely recommend that any Bride get for her wedding?
First of all, good skin care and I cannot emphasize this enough. Good skin and good color go hand-in-hand. Repeat after me, GOOD SKIN AND GOOD COLOR GO HAND-IN-HAND. Also keep in mind that good skin does not come into play 1 week before the wedding. So you should start now and invest in your face for not only your wedding, but for your lifetime. Secondly, brow grooming. SERIOUSLY! Think of your eyebrows as the gorgeous frame that holds the picture. Again, start now and not the week before your wedding.

What are the current trends I’ve noticed with wedding hair and makeup for both the Bride and Bridal party?
Lipstick is back and in full force. From a nude pink to rockabilly red, lipstick is no longer overlooked and your hubby will thank you during the first kiss too.

Anything else?
Lastly, for what it’s worth, after the food has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, what do you have left? The history of your wedding day in photos so invest wisely.