Dreamy Winter Wedding Looks

Dreamy winter weddings with rich plums, dried citrus, Red lips and all things that sparkle!

We’re falling in love with all of these winter feels!  Tis’ the season! Winter Wedding Season that is! Deep rich colors, lovely greens, there’s just something magical about the season.

Outdoor wedding makeup can be just as tricky in the winter as it is in the summer.  The harsh and sometimes extreme weather conditions along with lighting challenges in the great outdoors make professional makeup for your wedding day essential. Your photographer will thank you and the result will be reflected in the photos of your day. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, elopement, or minimony for 2021-2022 be sure to include professional makeup in your budget, you won’t regret the investment.

If you’re planning a winter wedding in 2021-2022 scroll on for beauty inspiration that will warm your heart and that are on trend styles for your most beautiful day.

Beginning with this brides copper shadow and ruby red lips! Stunningly connecting the surroundings both indoors and out.


Embrace an updo for your winter wedding!  An updo is the perfect companion for winter outdoor weddings that are occasionally met with unpredictable weather. 

Added bonus!  If you’re wearing a gown with a higher neckline or have chosen a piece of outerwear such as a shawl or a stole your hair won’t get tangled or smashed when you take it on and off. 

Romantic Reds! From the hair color to her florals this bride is classically chic. Red never goes out of style! It’s distinguished, transcends time and is simply stunning any time of year.


Let your natural beauty shine through!  A simple touch of green or a dainty headband are just the right accent against stunning scenery.  


Long curls are the call of the season! Add accents like a barrette to add just a touch of bling to this fuss free style. This brides earthy pallet contrasts perfectly with the greenery in her florals.

Feeling inspired?

Large or small, elaborate or intimate, indoors or out…we do hope that you’ll be planning your 2021-2022 wedding in Las Vegas. When you’re ready, to start planning your wedding day beauty we’ll be right here waiting for you.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your vision and answer any questions you might have…. Simply fill out the very short form  below to get the conversation started.

Cheers to a bright New Year and to the love that brought you together!

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