Ethnic Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

If your bridal party has a range of skin tones, make sure your wedding makeup artist and assistants are experienced and talented working with a wide range of  brides from multiple ethnicities. 

Not all agencies have the skill set to handle ethnic hair and makeup, We do!⁠

We are asked very often “Can you do black girls hair” or “I’m Asian, can you do my eyes”  The answer is yes- yes- yes and with 3 ethnic specialty teams to choose from we can whip your butter, cap your front lace wig and make it look like your eyes are taped they are so emphasized and jumping off the page.

Tips for choosing the right agency

Read bridal blogs (like this one)!

Visit wedding planning sites  and read reviews from REAL BRIDES. 

  Look at real time work from makeup artists on your favorite social media sites like IG and Pinterest. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your field of choices schedule a trial with your top choice.  Of course if you’re planning a destination wedding to a city like fabulous Las Vegas a trial may not always be an option.  By that I mean, are you or will you be in Las Vegas prior to your wedding day? Because Las Vegas is a destination city, 85% of the time we are not able to meet with clients before the wedding day. Our brides hit the ground running and simply don’t have time for a trial. We’ve devised a list of informational gathering questions that we ask our brides when they are sitting in our chair, before we’ve touched their face or hair. We also send our clients helpful preparation tips and links to help them get ready for the day. It is these questions and through our experience that we are so very helpful at giving our clients an outstanding experience on their wedding day.  Seriously, read the reviews we mentioned earlier. 

We do hope that you’ll be planning your destination in fabulous Las Vegas and that you’ll make Makeup In The 702 a part of your day.  We offer the convenience and flexibility of on-site service, creating a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in an unfamiliar place leaving you radiant and photo ready for your day.  

To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal, simply complete the form below.  You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!   Our makeup artists and hair stylists are well educated, well trained, highly skilled and extremely passionate!


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