Bridal Beauty Budget Tips: Where to Splurge vs. Save

When it comes to your wedding budget there are some things that are most definitely worth the splurge! However, you may need to find some ways to save without sacrificing the look you’re going for. When it comes to planning your wedding day look we’re here to help guide you and take some of that stress away. 

There are a few items on that list that we highly recommend you invest in. If you have to make budget cuts don’t let your dress, your wedding day hair and makeup, and your photographer be on the chopping block.  That being said let’s look at some splurge worthy items to get you on the right path to achieving the most beautiful you on your wedding day.

Prepping your skin:

Good skin and good color go hand-in-hand

SKIP THE SPEND on high price  invasive facial treatments.  There really are no shortcuts to achieving good skin.  

SPLURGE  on high quality skincare products and commit to a skin care routine.  Don’t skimp on on self care such as eating good for you foods and don’t forget to hydrate daily.   Not sure where to begin to lock in a care routine?  Grab our 5 Simple Steps here.

Hair goals

SKIP THE SPEND on expensive salon treatments like Keratin Smoothing,  pricy scalp treatments and deep conditioning treatments.  Sorry girls there’s not shortcuts to healthy hair either. 

SPLURGE on salon quality products.  Investing in quality concentrated products will give you lasting results without having to use insane amounts of product that weighs down your hair.  Challenge yourself to use half the amount you would normally use.  When you grab that conditioner, go easy, and condition just the ends and not root to ends.  Conditioner can weigh down the hair at the crown and scalp so if you’re going for height and volume using too much conditioner is counter productive.  Avoid products containing silicone, silicone blocks out necessary nutrients and robs your hair of needed nourishment.

Don’t forget to get regular trims (especially if you’re trying to grow your hair longer).  Your wedding day hair and hairstyle makes a statement and is one of the first things that will be noticed.  Whether you have naturally curly hair or naturally straight hair one rule remains the same, healthy hair takes time.  For more tips on Hair Love For the Bride-to-Be check out out tips here.

SAVE yourself from heartbreaking disasters

We all have someone close to us that is in the beauty business in some way, shape or form, but are they right for you or the person to help you create the look you want for your wedding day? Well that is an answer only you can discover. But, I will give you some reasons why, it’s best to choose another route.

It’s pretty difficult to tell a friend or family member that you don’t like something or can you change it, but you sure can tell Makeup in the 702 and we will jump at the opportunity to change anything to please you and be on the same page as your vision. You would be scared or concerned that your friend or family member may be offended. That is cause for future problems and worse yet, out right fights and disengagement of the relationship. Is it worth it to you? I think not. You hold those relationships near and dear and the fragility of them could be at stake, on both ends. Best to stay with a professional that is in it to win it for you and has no ties other than the relationship of beauty for your wedding day. 


When it comes to Wedding Day Hair and Makeup HIRE A PROFESSIONAL makeup artist and hair stylist! When you hire professionals for both hair and makeup you get 360-degree vision! 

Just as you’ve researched your other vendors you read reviews, check their licensing and credentials, and view their body of work. Then based upon what you like and after your conversation with the hair and makeup artist, you make your decision to hire them.  When you talk to your hair and makeup artist, your conversation should be easy and effortless and should go beyond pricing and availability.   If they don’t have time to talk to you beforehand or the conversation seemed uncomfortable or uneasy, chances are- they are not the hair and makeup team for you.

Of course the most valuable result of having both your hair and makeup done professionally on your wedding day is your wedding photos!  When the day has come and gone all you’ll have left is your gown tucked away in a closet, your memories and photos, so shouldn’t you look like the most beautiful version of you in that stunning gown? Your makeup artist and stylist know how to bring out and accentuate your best features with highlighting, contouring and blending to make you look your best for both your groom and those cameras because in real life there are no filters or beauty face apps.


You wouldn’t wait until the day of your wedding to try on your wedding dress, the same thig applies to your hair and makeup for the day.  Your trial gives you the opportunity to get to know your beauty team and understand their skill level.  You need to feel comfortable and confident that you’ve chosen the right team for your dream. We suggest (whenever possible) that you schedule your trial three to six months out from your wedding day giving you plenty of time to iron out any final details.   

BONUS TIP! Get extra mileage out of your hair and makeup on your trial day by scheduling your engagement photo session.   This will also give you an opportunity to work with your photographer before your wedding day and work out any specifics in advance.  When it comes to choosing your photographer don’t get to hung up on pricing, leave yourself some flexibility.  IF the chemistry is not right with your photographer your personality WILL NOT shine in the photos.

Start planning your beauty today! 

 You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!  Makeup In The 702 provides all inclusive on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  

What does all inclusive mean?

When we say our services are all inclusive we mean it!  Many artists and stylist use a la’ carte pricing based on a myriad of factors including hair length, adding accessories or a veil to your style or adding eyelashes to your makeup.  Things you’ll never pay extra for when you choose Makeup In The 702 for your wedding day:

👩 Longer hair, Updo’s or Braided looks- no two brides are alike and neither is their hair.  

👰 Placement of your veil or accessories-

🤩 Eyelashes- We believe these are a game changer for your photos! We believe this so strongly that we include them for each and every bride that sits in our chair.

🖌Airbrush foundation vs. traditional foundation-you don’t have to make this choice based on a dollar figure.  While working with your artist, together you can determine which is the best choice for YOU!

✅ Most importantly our work is guaranteed!  Everyone that sits in our chair is guaranteed 15 hour water and transfer resistant makeup and hair that withstands the desert winds

To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal, simply fill out the form below. 


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