The Perfect Veil and Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day

Finding the Right Veil & Hairstyle, You can have it all!

On your wedding day, you want to look perfect. From the dress to the shoes, everything needs to be just right. One of the most important parts of completing your look is finding the perfect veil and hairstyle. Let’s take a closer look at how you can combine these two elements to create a stunning bridal look that will make everyone’s head turn!

A veil can take your whole ensemble from “wow” to “WOW!” If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different types of veils out there, don’t worry—we have everything you need to know right here.

Types of Veils & Lengths

When it comes to choosing a veil length, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration, such as the style of your dress and the shape of your face. For example, if you have an oval face shape then a longer veil is ideal because it will create balance and draw attention away from any imperfections on your face. On the other hand, if you have an angular jawline then a shorter veil could be more flattering because it will soften your features. It is also important to consider how much detail is on your dress when selecting a veil length; if your dress has intricate embroidery then it may be best to opt for a shorter veil so that it does not distract from the detailing on your gown.

Here are 7️⃣ veil styles:

1) The Mantilla Veil — This gorgeous veil is often made of tulle and lace, as a circle. It is usually worn over the bride’s hair and shaping her face.

2) The Tiered Veil — This style of veil is actually detachable! The first layer can be worn as just a Blusher, to cover the bride’s face, because the longest piece can be detached.

3) The Cathedral Veil — Timeless and traditional, this veil is anywhere from 9 to 25 feet. Perfectly paired with a grand gown.

4) The Finger Tip Veil — The length is right to, you guessed it, your fingertips. The veil is perfect to cover the back of your dress during your wedding ceremony, just in time to show it off for the reception.

5) The Ballerina Veil — This veil stops right at the knee or ankle, to give the same dramatic of a Cathedral without tripping. 6) The Blusher Veil — The name says it all, this veil is traditionally chosen to cover the bride’s face until she meets her partner at the altar.

7) The Birdcage Veil — A perfect touch to the Hollywood wave and glam. This one would compliment the style of a short dress.

Choosing a Hairstyle To Match Your Veil

Once you’ve found the right veil for your big day, it’s time to figure out what hairstyle will complete your bridal look. Your hairstyle should complement your veil in order for them both to shine in all their glory. If you have chosen a statement-making veil like a cathedral length veil or birdcage veil, then you should opt for an updo like a French twist or chignon. These types of updos will frame your face nicely while still allowing the full beauty of your veil to be seen. For simpler veils such as mantilla or chapel length veils, half up half down styles or loose curls are great options as they provide movement and texture without taking away from the beautiful details of your veil. Talk with your Master Hairstylist about which veil will bring out the best look for you.

Veil Colors

The color of your veil should complement both your skin tone and hair color in order for it to look its best. If you have fair skin then ivory or cream colored veils look stunning while darker skinned brides often look beautiful in champagne or blush shades. When deciding on a color for your hair, keep in mind that blonde brides generally look best in lighter shades while brunettes can go either light or dark depending on their preference. Finally, black veils for added drama—but this option should only be considered if you want something truly unique!

Above all, your wedding day is all about you making memories that will last forever! Make sure that those memories include photos of you looking absolutely stunning by choosing the perfect combination of veil and hairstyle. When done correctly these two elements will work together seamlessly creating an unforgettable bridal ensemble that captures everyone’s attention—you won’t regret choosing something that makes you feel beautiful and confident! Have fun with it; after all, this is one day where anything goes!

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