The Cake Smash & Your Wedding Day Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

It’s one of the oldest and most controversial wedding day traditions…. to smash or not to smash is the question. We’re not sure where it originated or it’s true meaning but we do know it’s a wedding day makeup conundrum.

After all of the painstaking time you spent making all of those decisions on makeup and hair who would want to finish their night with dried up frosting in their hair or have their makeup ruined? If you are thinking about doing the deed here are our tips to keep it sweet and keep your look on fleek.

First and foremost you and your groom need to be onboard with the idea. Set the boundaries in advance. Discuss things like level of aggression and degree of playfulness. Don’t try to surprise each other and be cautions,. Wedding cakes are works of art these days and not all of the decorations are edible… don’t risk grabbing a handful that might have a sharp object in it and smearing in your betroved’s face. You certainly don’t want to spend your wedding night in the emergency room with a broken nose or worse.

Once you’ve committed to the idea discuss it with your photographer. Let him/her know exactly what you are planning and when it will happen. This will let the photographer plan the shots and allow them to capture some incredible shots that will have you laughing for decades to come.

Get creative and consider an alternative to the cake smash. This couple used popsicles! So original! Don’t you just love their evil little smiles?

There’s always the option for the one bite simple cake cutting. Top it off with a toast of champagne and you’re guests will be cheering with joy.

If you absolutely decide to ‘Go For It’ then we say opt for the smear on the nose. While we can guarantee 15 hour water resistance and transfer we can’t guarantee that you’ll be frosting proof for the remainder of the day/night. Above all HAVE FUN! It’s the first day of the rest of your lives.

Ready to start planning?

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