Hats Off To These Chic Bridal Looks

Still deciding on the perfect accessories to complete your wedding day look? Today we’re throwing hats into the ring!

Hats for women have come and gone over the decades in women’s fashion and often have been a signature of social standing. We haven’t really seen many hats for brides in the past couple of years but they are having a moment right now and they are fabulous!

Someone from the Plaza Suites in New York City once said “Luxurious, flirty, and, at times, a bit sexy.  We’re out to prove a great hat can change your day.”

You don’t have to choose between fabulous hair or a hat on your wedding day! You can have it all! They are perfect for any season and work with virtually any length hair, pair great with a low chignon, a messy low bun, a chic pony or long curls. The options are literally endless!

While researching for this piece we found this beautiful philosophy about hats.

“Go Ahead and Bloom”–A Philosophy

“When you wear a hat, it is like medicine for the soul.  The hat is the expression of who you are as a women in every moment!  The hat is your dreams of who you can be.  It facilitates the different parts of who you are:  With the wave of the hat, voila!  You are mysterious…no, you are sexy…now proper…now playful. 

You cannot hide in a hat; you will be noticed, especially by men.  To men, you become a lady when you don a hat–one who they rush to open doors for.  To women, you become an inspiration, reminding them that they have a closet full of hats they have not had the courage to wear.

When you wear a hat, you become the dream that started when the hat was conceived.  The original energy that was put into the hat doesn’t die; it only changes forms and owners.  The dream doesn’t die; it is passed on, sometimes from generation to generation.

And when you see a women in a hat in the next car on the freeway, the dream grows.  We as women acknowledge each other’s growth.  It is the symbol of the feminine which is so needed for us and our earth to heal.  So let’s share this gift with as many as we wish to share such a vision.  For…this is how you will ‘Go Ahead and Bloom.’ “

Feeling inspired?

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