7 Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Every bride deserves to look radiant on her wedding day, but when should you start and what should she consider.

A Bride should start thinking about her hair and makeup when she’s in the process of selecting her dress. The two go hand-in-hand in the overall result of the wedding day look.  Here’s 7 tips for that photo perfect look for your day.

Start a beauty regimen!

Good skin and good color go hand-in-hand… If you don’t have a regular beauty regimen in place now your wedding is the perfect reason to put a plan into action and we have some tips here to get you started from head-to-toe to make those beauty decisions a little easier.  You can find out more about starting a bridal beauty regimen here: Pro-tips to help you be the most beautiful you on your most beautiful day.

Considering extensions for your hair?

In a nut-shell, more hair means more options and choosing day of extensions are amazing and you shouldn’t shy away from them, there’s no shame in adding a little length and fullness to your red-carpet day.  We’ve done the research and have the low-down with the answers to your questions about extensions right here:  Do I Need Extensions for My Wedding?

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Lashes? SAY YES!

They are the game-changer for that perfect photo finish! Lashes are the perfect companion to a timeless and classic for your wedding day and completing your look, not to mention that you’ll LOVE the way your eyes will POP in your wedding portraits.  Even if your eyelashes are already long, false lashes will add volume and shape to your eyes.  Say “I do” to Lashes!

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Shape those Brows!

Grooming your brows and keeping up with a brow shape has changed so much over the years and I can really tell the decade a photo is from, just by the way the eye brows look in the photo. Hence the reason that we don’t want to go with the trend when it comes to your makeup look or your brow upkeep for the wedding.  Not sure if you should wax or thread to get that perfect shape for your brows?  Fear not!  We’ve broken down the in’s and outs of waxing vs. threading for you right here.

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Waterproof everything!

This is where the Makeup In The 702 guarantee makes a difference in your day.  We guarantee 15-hour water and transfer resistant makeup and 40 MPH hair. That is so important for you to know since this is a windy desert and you’ll be in a warm dress most of the day.

Invest in Hair and makeup!

Hire a professional makeup artist!  We all have someone close to us that is in the beauty business in some way, shape or form, but are they right for you or the person to help you create the look you want for your wedding day? Let your friends and family members enjoy their time as your guest and avoid a wedding day beauty disaster.

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Schedule a trial!

Whenever possible schedule a trial for your hair and makeup, I’m asked on a daily basis “Do I need a trial?”. While this may seem like a yes or no question, it really is a matter of logistics for our client. By that I mean, are you or will you be in Las Vegas prior to your wedding day? Because Las Vegas is a destination city, 85% of the time we are not able to meet with clients before the wedding day. Our brides hit the ground running and simply don’t have time for a trial. 

 If you are local or coming into town for planning, then yes, by all means, let’s schedule a trial. Please don’t confuse my above statement by thinking no you never need a trial. I simply meant that if you are time challenged, do not let not being able to schedule a trial stop you from reserving hair and makeup for your wedding day. In fact, all the more reason to book Makeup in the 702 because we have the experience and expertise to complete your look without a trial.

Bonus Tip:

On your wedding day allow enough time for your hair and makeup.  We recommend at least a 1 ½ – 2 hour window for both hair and make-up.  This gives you plenty of time to work with your artists at a relaxed pace leaving you feeling confident and relaxed for your most beautiful day.  

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal, CLICK HERE.  You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day.

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