5 Bridal Beauty Disasters To Avoid

Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with new ideas or trends nor should it be boring or bland it should however be YOU, on your most beautiful day!  Our calling is the enhancement of beauty our goal is to give you a timeless and classic look for your wedding day.  

1. Avoid the trends!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the latest Hollywood or runway trends but your wedding day is NOT the day to try bright red lipstick or dark smokey eyes if that’s not a look you typically go for.  When you look back at your wedding photos you’ll want them to look like you not the decade they were taken in.  Be authentically YOU!

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Peccorino

2. Don’t skip the trial!

We know it’s an extra expense that you may or may not have taken into consideration when planning your budget but it’s an investment you won’t regret.  Your trial appointment gives you the opportunity to meet your stylist and makeup artist one-on-one to work out those finite details.  

Bonus tip!  Schedule your trial the same day as your engagement photos, your dress fitting or even a boudoir photo shoot to maximize your investment and get a sneak peek at how your makeup will look in photos on your big day.

3. Avoid Friendors!

Friends as Vendors=Friendors.  Although it may be tempting to let a friend or family member do you your hair and makeup for your wedding and their generous offer might be difficult to refuse we highly recommend that you hire a professional for both your hair and your makeup and let your friends and family be guests and enjoy your day with you.  Bridal makeup takes extra care beyond that everyday look, that’s why we guarantee our work! Our promise is 15-hour water and transfer resistant makeup and hair that withstand 40mph winds.  

4. Don’t forget your bridal party!

Your bridal party is going to be in dozens of photos on your wedding day so you’ll want to make sure that they are photo perfect as well. Photographer Chelsea Nicole told me many years ago that it’s so important that everyone in the formal professional photos have makeup professionally done. “In person, on camera and in editing group photos look zebra striped if a few people have pro makeup and a few people don’t. I can’t correct that, I can’t even pose to that format. Don’t skimp on the makeup. Figure out hair if you have to, but don’t compromise the makeup”

Photo courtesy of The Light & The Love Photography

5. Don’t skip or DIY the Lashes!

Photography Casey Jade is all about those lashes baby! But not just about lashes, but how they are applied. “Look I’m not an artist and I don’t carry glue, so if that bad boy starts falls off or peel at the edge there is nothing I can do to help” says Casey.  Hands down, no questions asked, the bigger the better when it comes to lashes and photos. 

Bonus tip: Help your artist out and listen to her when it’s time to apply false lashes. She will need to you sit still, looking down and stay there for a moment while the glue dries. If you move or fidget the lash may dry in the wrong place and be uncomfortable and worse- start peeling.

Photo Courtesy of Casey Jade Photography

We’re sure you have a million and two questions and we’re to answer them all.  We’ll leave you with this to ponder today… and at the end of the day after the cake is eaten, the presents are opened and the guests have gone the only things you’ll have left are your priceless memories and photographs… Invest in you and your makeup… you’re worth it.

Photo Courtesy of The Light & The Love Photography

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Featured image by Chelsea Nicole Photography
Casey Jade Photography
The Light & The Love Photography
Courtney Peccorino Photography

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