Investing In A Hair & Makeup Trial for Your Wedding Day

Why you MUST absolutely invest in a hair and makeup trial for your wedding!

Hi there, Megan here. A few weeks ago, we talked about “Do I need a hair and makeup trial?” Today we will pick up the conversation about trials once again. Only this time we’ll chat about why hair and makeup trials do in fact cost money to book. Let’s just take a moment to review why a client may want or need a hair and makeup trial, some examples include ironing out the wedding day look or a photogenic opportunity such as engagement photos, save the date photos or your dress fitting.

Investing In A Hair & Makeup Trial for Your Wedding Day
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When should you not book a trial?  Don’t book a trial or multiple trial’s to simply sample products services.  A trial is your opportunity to meet your makeup team and design your look for your wedding day, it’s not a spa day. LOL

What If I don’t have time for a trial?  Las Vegas is the destination wedding capital of the world, so we completely understand and know that sometimes there is just not an opportunity to schedule a trial. In those instances, Makeup In The 702 provides a phone consultation and we work through the prep details to ensure that we hit a home run on your wedding day. 

Now that we are all on the same page about trials, let’s answer the question shall we… WHY DO TRIALS COST MONEY?  At the end of the day the answer really is simple? Would you go to work without getting paid? Would you be willing to cover the costs of a kit usage fee AND work for free?   

Now there are some instances where Makeup In The 702 and our artists do volunteer for various charitable events that benefit our community however that is a separate subject. We are answering the question about why trials are an additional fee above and beyond the wedding day services. Plain and simple a trial is still a service and we plan trials to be a little longer than the actual day of service because we know, we are ironing out the details of the wedding day look. Please trust me when I tell you, the cost of a trial is only to compensate the artist and stylist for their time as well as product usage/kit fee. 

Investing In A Hair & Makeup Trial for Your Wedding Day
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Certainly, I realize that you have a budget and there are some things that are more valuable to you when planning than others. Hair and makeup is and should be one of them. After the food has been eater and flowers have wilted, what do you have left- the photos of the way you look. These are the photos that are the history of your wedding day. Talk to your hair and makeup artist team, email selfies and inspiration photos, we can and will help you decide if in fact you need a trial. We can’t make the decision on hair all up or all down, but you can. We can give guidance and at the end of the day it’s your wedding, your way. Having a plan on the way you want to look helps alleviate the need for a trial. Researching reviews and past work and following on social media can help give you the confidence you need to see a large body of work and feedback from past brides. All valuable information to help you decide whom you want to book for your wedding day. May I suggest scheduling your trial alongside an event you have schedule. Two of my favorite times are engagement photos or dress fittings. You need professional hair and makeup for any professional photos and trials before your dress fitting give you a full view head to toe of what you will look like on your wedding day. 

Investing In A Hair & Makeup Trial for Your Wedding Day
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Have additional questions? Would you like me to email me you some inspiration photos, so we can chat about your wedding day look?

Reach out on the website inquiry page (click here) this gives me the best understanding of your day as a whole and schedule a time for us to dive into your hair and makeup vision.

Megan Payne Creative Director / Owner Makeup In The 702Please join me next week when I chat about waxing vs threading your eyebrows.  Which is better and when should you have this service performed before your wedding. Until then, happy planning and remember our only goal is to ensure that you look like you, just on your most beautiful day.  Follow us on Instagram for more tips on bridal beauty! 

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