How To Avoid A Wedding Day Beauty Disaster!

Why you shouldn’t have a friend or family member do your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

Happy day to you all! It’s Megan your wedding hair and makeup expert giving yet another valuable nugget of information to help you prepare for your wedding day hair and makeup. 

OK let’s face it, we all have someone close to us that is in the beauty business in some way, shape or form, but are they right for you or the person to help you create the look you want for your wedding day? Well that is an answer only you can discover. But, I will give you some reasons why, it’s best to choose another route.

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The old saying, don’t mix business and pleasure could not be more relevant when it comes to your wedding day. If  sit across from someone at the Thanksgiving table, then it’s best to keep family and friendships in one circle and business partnerships in another. Why? Well, you love your family and friends, but they may not love your vision of hair and makeup and you may not love what they say they can do for you. Let’s face it, you’re spending a lot of time, money and energy planning the execution of your wedding day.  You’re looking for that dream team to help you deliver that vision. Family and friends tend to have their own vision of  how you should do something. They are invested in a different way and may not have the ability to listen to what YOU want or what YOU expect. They are on a different path and may not be as invested into the professionalism that you need.

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It’s pretty difficult to tell a friend or family member that you don’t like something or can you change it, but you sure can tell Makeup in the 702 and we will jump at the opportunity to change anything to please you and be on the same page as your vision. You would be scared or concerned that your friend or family member may be offended. That is cause for future problems and worse yet, out right fights and disengagement of the relationship. Is it worth it to you? I think not. You hold those relationships near and dear and the fragility of them could be at stake, on both ends. Best to stay with a professional that is in it to win it for you and has no ties other than the relationship of beauty for your wedding day.

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I know I know, but your saying, Meg, she’s been in a salon for 20 years OR she’s worked for XYZ brand since college. Ok that all may be true, but is your stylist friend’s core business cuts and colors? If so, she may not even be comfortable with event styling or have the tools, experience and education to make a long lasting hair style. And once you start curling, pining and styling it’s pretty difficult to go backwards if you don’t like it. Makeup In The 702 does 1,000’s and I mean 1,000’s of heads of hair a year and have for more than a decade. Does your stylist friend and family member have that type of expertise at their fingertips?

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As for the makeup counter friend or the Instagram follower that is really good at doing her own makeup and watches tutorials. Does that make her an expert on the makeup YOU want or need for YOUR wedding day? Well, that may be all fine for personal use, but what you need for the longevity and heat of a wedding in Las Vegas and the end result of your professional photos is a licensed well versed professional. A professional makeup artist that carries an array of brands and products to deliver the end result look you want and uses professional grade products that are made for the camera and to withstand a 15 hour day that could be packed with temps in the 100’s. Who’s to say that she knows how to color match YOU, or deliver an eye look that will make YOU swoon? On the icky side, does she understand sanitation and hygienic practices? MMMMM what do you think? I cannot even think of anything worse than the hours leading up to my ceremony spent feeling awful that I can’t communicate with my friend and do I risk ruining a friendship over this? Or in tears because you hate how you look. Not positive for you or for your friend.

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So now that we have that covered let’s talk about 2 other scenarios that you may not have thought of. The friend or family member that offered you hair and makeup as your “Gift”. Wait, what???? Did you just say you wanted to work in place of giving me a gift? I’m certain you don’t expect gifts on your wedding day. While they are lovely, if you did not receive a gift from a friend or family member, you wouldn’t think anything of it. Your just happy that they we able to be a witness to a major event in your life. You invited them to be a guest at your party. You wouldn’t hold a party at your home and asking your friends and family to come over and dust and wash floors beforehand, so how is a wedding day any different. The best words of advice I can give you is to thank them so very much for their offer, but that you would prefer that they just come and enjoy the day and be a guest and celebrate.

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My final thought for the day is for all the hair and makeup artists out there. The truth is, I work 48 out of 52 Saturday’s a year- that’s a lot of weddings under my belt and it’s so rare at this stage in my life that a friend or family member is getting married, but when I do get that invitation I’m thrilled. I want to go! I want to be a guest and I don’t want to work on my friend or family members day. I also don’t want to travel with my chair and 2 kits. I want to travel with a pretty dress and a giant gift with a blue bow on it and just go enjoy the day as a guest and be out of work mode. That is a true gift for me. If I spend 6 hours getting all of you ready, that doesn’t leave much time for me to get ready for your day. Plus, who wants to work all day and then go to the Gala? Heck I would be thrilled to sit in someone’s else’s hair and makeup chair and be given the royal treatment if I were in your wedding party. That’s just my opinion…. take it for what it is, but I love my friends and family to the moon and back. And I have enough experience to know, that while they view me as the expert, they also many not be comfortable telling me what they want or don’t want.

I certainly hope this blog has given you some food for thought and helpful tips on how to avoid the how do I handle and a possible ending of a relationship that you hold dear to your heart. Won’t you join me next week when I talk about when you should book hair and makeup and best practices for securing the company that is in-line with your vision.

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