Spring Brings The Return of Bridal Favorites

Embrace all the season has to offer

March came in like a lion in Southern Nevada and now we emerge renewed and ready for springtime in the desert.   Spring Weddings in Vegas are beautiful!  This weeks wedding inspiration features a nod to the return of some bridal favorites that flirt with today’s trends.

The future is bright

Spring and Summer are bringing forward plenty of lip popping color. You don’t have to do red, but bring pink or anything out of the neutral zone. This is more than a  “trend” but rather a must to help your wedding day photos pop. Think of lips as your face accessory, with out them your photos can be two dimensional instead of jumping off the page. Eat drink and be merry on your wedding day but don’t forget the color. TIP- start wearing a shade or 2 darker than you normally do to start getting used to seeing your lips in a different tone. Play around and most of all have fun!⁠

Upcycled Heirlooms & Accessories

In a world that lives in the latest trends adding an upcycled heirloom barrette, veil or other accessories to your bridal hairstyle adds a touch of nostalgia and a personal touch to create a truly timeless look.

Get ready to hit refresh

It’s difficult to improve on traditional favorites but this season we’re seeing exciting chic twists paired with classic styles such as bridal braids and up -do’s.

Coming up Rosie

Rosy cheeks return!  We haven’t seen much of the rosy cheek since Kate Middleton walked down the aisle.  Rosy cheeks add just a splash of color to the on trend fresh and natural look.

Create a flawless base

Healthy well hydrated skin is the secret to achieving  this minimalist look.  If this stunningly classic look is what your seeking for your wedding day then committing to a strict and stringent skin care routine is essential in the months ahead of your wedding.  Check out our 7 Essential tips to get that fabulous bridal glow  to prepare you skin for this timeless and classic look.

Really and truly when it comes to wedding hair and makeup their are no rules,  your ultimate goal should be to create a look that is an elevated version of yourself.  Remember you’ll want to look back and see YOU not a trend.

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