Las Vegas Wedding Hair Makeup
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Las Vegas Wedding Hair & Makeup

You Deserve To Look
Your Best On Your Wedding Day


Thank you for making Makeup in the 702 and photography a part of your wedding day history. We are excited to help you and your bridal party look your best on such an important day with the best hair and makeup for you. We will be utilizing a professional photographer on each client to capture the moments of your special day, prior to saying I do. 

Did you know that on your wedding day, an average of 1,000 photos will be taken? Digital or disposable, color or black and white, natural or candle light; professional photographic makeup and professional hair styling will ensure that you are ready to face a day in front of our camera in Vegas.

Have you ever had an event to attend where you knew photos would be taken? I'm sure you spend extra time and care applying your makeup, maybe even put a little "extra" on. Only to view the photos later and realize that the photo did not look like the way you did in the mirror or you may have been totally "washed" out. They don't lie when they say the camera isn't friendly. Remember that a lens can only see 2-D and humans see 3-D. Professional photographic makeup application will ensure that the proper colors, shading and highlighting are used so that the history of your wedding photos is flawless, timeless and classic.

Regardless of weather, skin type or ethnic background, Makeup in the 702 and photography guarantees 15 hour, transfer water resistant makeup as well as durable stay put hair. Join the hundreds of others satisfied brides and book Makeup in the 702 for both your hair and your makeup needs today.


Three Exciting Reasons To
Reserve Your Date And Book Now 

  • Makeup in the 702 and photography is THE ONLY all inclusive hair, makeup and photography company in Las Vegas. We do not charge for "extras" that make the difference.

  • You get THE ONLY wedding makeup company that guarantees it's work. Makeup in the 702 offers a 15 hour water and transfer resistant coverage with a photographic finish.

  • Both a makeup artist and a hair stylist, each an expert in their field, to ensure the most up to date products, tools and techniques are used. Also cuts your getting ready time in half.


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Vegas Wedding Hair Makeup

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Makeup In The 702
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Las Vegas Wedding Hair & Makeup