How to Combat Winter Beauty Woes

Tips to get you glowing

As winter lingers on, brides-to-be may be worried about their beauty regimen. The cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry and dull with chapped lips and breakouts. And while a good foundation can fix many things, there are some beauty issues that need to be addressed from the inside out. Let’s take a look at how to fight back against these winter beauty worries.

Dry Chapped Lips: Nothing ruins a wedding photo more than dry, chapped lips! To combat this issue, make sure your lips are moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.  Using balms with ingredients like natural oils or shea butter will help keep your lips nourished during the colder months. Drink plenty of water as well; dehydration is one of the leading causes of dryness in the skin and lips.

Dull Complexion: Many people find their skin becoming duller during winter due to lack of Vitamin D from sunlight exposure. Try adding a daily supplement of Vitamin D3 to your routine for an extra boost of radiance! Additionally, make sure you’re exfoliating weekly to clear away any dead skin cells that may be making your complexion appear lackluster.

Dehydrated Skin: It’s important to keep your skin hydrated during the colder months with a layer of lightweight oil or cream both morning and night. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are great for keeping moisture locked in all day long so you don’t have to worry about that tight feeling after stepping outside into the cold air.

Breakouts: Even if you don’t typically suffer from breakouts during other seasons, winter can still bring on unexpected blemishes due to low humidity levels in the air combined with central heating drying out your skin. Switching up your skincare routine can help prevent pesky pimples by using gentle cleansers, avoiding harsh exfoliants or toners, and applying moisturizer immediately after washing your face so that it doesn’t become too dry overnight.

Tired Puffy Eyes: No one wants tired eyes on their wedding day! To reduce puffiness around the eyes, try sleeping on two pillows instead of one so that fluid isn’t able to accumulate in that area as easily while you sleep. You can also apply cold compresses or slices of cucumber (which contain anti-inflammatory properties) over closed eyes for 5-10 minutes each day—this will not only reduce puffiness but also help relax any stress or tension in those areas as well!

Although winter brings its own set of beauty woes with proper care and attention you’ll looking and feeling your best for your big day!  Good skin and good color go together, keeping up with basics such as hydration and moisturizing are key elements when it comes to fighting off these winter beauty worries so make sure you’re doing those every single day no matter what season it is! With these tips in mind you’ll have nothing left do but be ready to shine on your special day!

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