Bridal Makeup Trends What’s Going & What’s Coming

Fall has officially arrived in Las Vegas!

Welcome October!  We can now officially claim that we have survived another scorching hot Southern Nevada Summer.  As the seasons change so are the trends.  Today we’re sharing trends we expect to taper off as we wrap up 2022 and trends we think will hit differently in 2023.

Cheers to You 2022!

Dewey skin, full lashes, and toned down brows lead the way down the aisle ways in 2022.  

Bridal Makeup Trends What’s Coming To An End in 2022 and What’s Coming for 2023

Heavy overly contoured looks are on their way out!  As this year comes to a close we expect to see the continued transition to more natural looks with an emphasis on neutral eye color shades,  paler lip colors and nude lip looks. 

Make no mistake about it a “natural look” doesn’t mean it does not take as long as a bold look, nor does it mean that it’s simple and fast. In fact, a natural look takes a highly skilled, well versed artist that understands how the final look will show up on camera, understanding lighting and shading and is a down right badass!

In the stunning Southern Nevada desert outdoor weddings will continue to increase in popularity.  Our countless serene and secluded locations are the perfect backdrop for your timeless and wall-worthy wedding photos.  However, when it comes to wedding makeup in the great outdoors lighting is the biggest challenge. The suns bright shining rays are totally unforgiving and reveal every fine detail making professional makeup and the perfect foundation a MUST for your outdoor wedding.!

Full lashes never go out of style!

While we’ll be seeing less of that dark smoky eye color and far fewer winged liners we will still be seeing plenty of lush eyelashes to compliment the eye.

Dream Brows

Well shaped and defined brows that follow the  natural brow line will be on fleek for the year ahead.  Fullness and the amount of fill of the brows are personal, they should look natural, not over filled and softly frame they eyes. 

Hairstyles are going with the flow.

Sleek styles are making way for long waves and loosely structured styles that work with the breeze and the camera.   Las Vegas is a Valley and the winds often pick up out of nowhere,  keep this in mind when choosing your hair style. Don’t fight mother nature with an sleek structured updo.  Braids and half up/ half down styles are perfect for any season indoors or out. 

Ready to start planning?  We can’t wait to welcome you to fabulous Las Vegas!

No matter the size of your ceremony,  indoors or out, you will want to look and feel like the most beautiful version of you on your most beautiful day, making professional hair styling and makeup a wedding day splurge worthy essential service. 

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