Behind The Mask-Skincare Tips For The Bride To Be

In recent weeks we’ve all been introduced to the newest daily accessory, the PPE face mask or cloth face coverings.  Now that brides are easing back into their bridal beauty planning they’ve been asking what extra steps they should be taking to take care of their complexion.

A good skincare routine in the months leading up to your wedding day is essential.  Now with  the added impact of trapping our breath under the mask it’s become a bit more challenging. The hot moist environment created by the mask can breed bacteria and traps oil, sweat and dirt can cause heat rash-like reactions along with flare ups of eczema, rosacea and acne.

Taking care of your skin is now more vital than ever.   If you haven’t started a simple daily skincare routine yet, now’s the time to do so. 

To prevent irritations and breakouts you need to be proactive and take some action before the mask goes on.  First and foremost wash your face gently to remove oils, dirt and bacteria and apply moisturizer.   Avoid comedogenic products, as well as other irritating ingredients such as fragrances.

Choose a mask that suits the environment you’ll be in. The type of fabric that you put against your skin can make a difference.  For low-risk situations natural fibers like cotton are the most gentle.

Go makeup free under the mask if possible.  The more oxygen your skin can absorb the better.  For a daily pick me up, play up your eyes and try something new with your hair.  

When the mask comes off  you should… remove any makeup (if your wearing any), cleanse again, especially if you notice any irritations,  apply MORE moisture with a heavier cream especially at bedtime.

If you find that you do have a blemish, DO NOT pinch, squeeze or pop… keep your hands off!  Bacteria on your fingers will only exuberant the problem.  Wash your face with a mild cleanser, and follow up with  a cold compress or some ice (no more than two minutes at at time with ice) to reduce the swelling an inflammation and apply an anti-blemish cream.  

If you don’t have an anti-blemish cream handy you can also dab the area with a tad of Visine or make a paste with water and a crushed aspirin tablet (where salycilic acid comes from), dab it on your blemish, let set for 10 minutes then rinse and pat dry.  The anti inflammatory affects of the aspirin will reduce the swelling and calm the redness.  Just keep those hands off and DO NOT BREAK THE SKIN!

If you should have a skin emergency creep up a few days before your wedding there are some additional steps you can take… use Neosporin on an affected area several times a day. It’s hydrating, bacteria fighting and of course healing properties will work wonders in a few short amount of time. Be relentless with reapplication- remember- hands off.

Lastly, don’t forget to wash your mask after each use!
P.S. Pucker up and take care of those lips too!  Tackle chapped/cracked lips with a vitamin-e stick daily and try a sugar scrub once a week. AND don’t forget to hydrate!  Be sure to check out our 5 tips for a perfect pout to make your lip color last all day.


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