Personalizing Your Wedding Day Look

In today’s digital world it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hype of social media beauty influencers, insta-artists and celebrity go-tos, after all, most of us have been day dreaming about this day for the better part of our lives. We have mood boards on Pinterest and our favorites bookmarked but on some level they just seem to be missing that little something that says to you “that’s it!” That’s the look I am looking for. While all of that day dreaming and scrolling is inspirational, remember the best bridal hair and makeup is about being the most beautiful version of yourself on your most beautiful day, so make it personal.

We suggest you begin planning your look by thinking of the features you highlight with your everyday hair and makeup and amplify them for your wedding day look. You can also mindfully accessorize with jewels, barrettes, florals that have a significant meaning, Local boutiques and vintage shops are fabulous spots filled with inspiration.

Let’s begin with the lips! If you typically wear a bolder lip color then amp it up with a daring red or a rich fuchsia.

Who doesn’t love ooo-la-la lashes? I think we can all agree that struggle for that perfect long lash look is something all women strive for on the daily so rev it up on your wedding day.

If you’re more of a pony-tail girl try a braid. Bridal braids will give you the same feeling of a well controlled look, and offer both beauty and versatility. From super glossy, ultra glam to intricate details, there’s a perfect braid for you. Braids can easily incorporate tiny embellishments or show off your long locks.  Gently pulled to the side, they frame the cheekbones and accent neckline beautifully.

We are in love with next level glamourous curls and they absolutely work for any length hair in any season. If you’re one of those who are blessed with bountiful natural curls don’t try to tame them on your wedding day embrace their natural beauty and let them flow!  Add flowers or a jeweled headband or a heirloom piece to make it ultra personal.

If you’re a messy bun girl then an up-do may be the perfect look for you. Up-dos work well for long to medium hair, can be dressed up or down, embellished, twisted, worn high or low, sleek or messy, whatever your hearts desire there’s an up-do just for you. 

Don’t forget the eyes… adding a little drama is fabulous for the cameras on your most photographed day.

Whatever look you’re seeking pro is the way to go. Hairstyles are subjective, and makeup applications are not cookie cutter. No two brides are alike. No matter the season, indoors or out, daytime or evening etc… your wedding day look should be ultra feminine, classic and most importantly the most beautiful version of you. Working with a professional agency like Makeup In The 702 inures that you, your hair and your makeup will be camera ready on your day and long into the night.

To ensure you get the look that’s right for you, we recommend booking your trial to ensure you and your hairstylist create your dream look and a style that you’ll love looking at for years to come.

Makeup In The 702 welcomes your questions and we’d love to have you in our chair.  Share your vision with us… Complete the form below to get the conversation started.

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area. 

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