You GLOW Girl!!

“You’re Absolutley Glowing!!”
Hair & Makeup by: Makeup In The 702 Photo by: M Place Production


It’s a statement that we hear almost every single day while working with our beautiful Las Vegas bridal clients to help them prep and primp for their big day.

     While the excitement of such a special day and compete joy of getting to marry your love most certainly add to that “wedding day glow” there are a few products on the market that we know for a fact will help achieve that look not only at the wedding but every day.
    Getting that fresh, healthy, natural “glow” is something that is being discussed all over social media and beauty blogs and websites like Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair– so of course we wanted to weigh in on how it can be applied to your wedding day makeup look
In addition to giving the wearer an irresistible “Just-Got-Home-From-The-Tropics” glow, this lushious elixir offers a few other great benefits- the coconut oil and ylang-ylang give the skin a super dose of hydration and nurishment and the Polynesian vinilla and tire blossom provide a sent that is guaranteed to transport you right back to the beach
When it comes to acquiring that oh-so-coveted glow thats being shown in magazines and on runways are often pointed towards shimmering cosmetics and products that have a bit of sparkle in them. This recommendation is for a product line that works on your “glow” beneath the shimmer and sparkle. VITAL C is absolutely packed with antioxidants and natural botanic ingredients that will repair, sooth and nourish your skin, giving you the best possible canvas to shine on your wedding day!!
This powder is one of our hands down favorites when it comes to creating a natural healthy look. The ultra fine mother-of-pearl particles is versatile enough to provide a touch of glowing glamor and lovely glow to fair skinned beauties and dark skinned lovelies alike.
MAC Cheeks
The description on the MAC site is “Soft coral with golden shimmer”- how fantastic is that?! The coral pigment is perfect for adding a fresh rosy glow to the cheeks and just like MAC products in general, you can be confident that it is made with high quality ingredients and will last through out the day.
To get more information on how Makeup In The 702 can help you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day check us out here.

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