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Why choosing a makeup artist that specializes in bridal makeup matters!

Is there a difference between makeup and bridal makeup?  It’s a question we  hear every day.  In a word, YES!  Bridal makeup is much different… here’s why.   Your photographs!  At the end of the day when all of the guests have gone, the cake is all eaten and the last champagne glass is lifted with a toast your photographs will be the time capsule of your day, from the very first look.

It’s more than just having your makeup done.  Many of us have fallen into a cycle of neglect when it comes to hair care and skin care, choosing a professional artist and stylist assures you premium grade product and a picture perfect look.  From a photography standpoint going pro is an absolute MUST!


Your day is likely to be filled with different lighting scenarios, working with a professional makeup artist that specializes in bridal makeup artistry makes all the difference. Whether your planning a whimsical garden ceremony at a luxurious Las Vegas Country Club or exchanging your vows in a spectacular desert setting outdoor wedding makeup has its own set of rules.

When it comes to wedding makeup in the great outdoors lighting is the biggest challenge.  For indoor scenarios your wedding photographer often deals with low-light situations and other restrictions, that being said, you’ll want to plan carefully with your wedding photographer to ensure that your photos are planned around  your surroundings and be wary of that mid day hour when the sun is directly over head.

Bright sunshine is totally unforgiving making professional makeup a must for your outdoor wedding.

Reduces stress

Beyond the budget concerns… if you’re considering cutting corners on your makeup by doing it yourself, STOP and really think about the cost.  Product is expensive but the extra editing your photographer will have to do will be even more pricy.  Lack of experience has a price all of its own.  It’s one thing to smudge your eye makeup and have to make it through an ordinary day, but do you really want to be the one that drops the ball on your own makeup for your wedding day?  Probably NOT!

The Makeup In The 702 artists are licensed with years of wedding makeup experience.    360-degree vision!  No matter how hard we try to get that hair just perfect there are just some things we can’t see or reach a professional stylist has no blind spots.  Much the same thought applies to a makeup artist.  The artist knows how to bring out and accentuate your best features with highlighting, contouring and blending to make you look your best for both your groom and those cameras.

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You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day!  That’s why our promise to you is guaranteed!  15-Hour water and transfer resistant makeup and  wind resistant hair.

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