Do I need a hair and makeup trial for my wedding?

Hey there, Megan Payne here, your Ambassador of Service and Mater Makeup artist at Makeup in the 702. Today let’s chat about “Do I need a a hair and makeup trial for my wedding day”, “When should I schedule my hair and makeup trial” and “How should I prepare for my hair and makeup trial”.

Out the gate let me be very clear about something. Do not schedule a hair and makeup artist to “TRY” them out. Scheduling several trials with different hair and makeup teams leaves you out a lot of money AND confused as to who to go with. You need to research any vendor your hiring, check reviews, licensing, credentials, and body of work. Then based upon what you like and after your conversation with the hair and makeup artist, you make your decision to hire them. When you talk to your hair and makeup artist, your conversation should be easy and effortless. If they don’t have time to talk to you before hand or the conversation seemed odd, chances are- they are not the hair and makeup team for you.

Communication is key, for all 3 of us. Your hair and makeup artist should be asking a myriad of questions before they ever lay a hand on your face or a iron to your hair. They should not seem rushed and most of all continue asking open ended questions all along the way. We will also ask for your feedback. If during your trial you don’t like something and you don’t speak up. Your hair and makeup artist cannot read your mind, but we sure know body language and can tell if someone likes or doesn’t like something. When we ask, what’s your thoughts, we really want to know- what do you think- do you want something changed? All 3 of us need to have an open line of communication out the gate. So be clear and we welcome your feedback, please don’t just smile and say you like it, we can tell the difference…

wedding makeup trial

I’m asked on a daily basis “Do I need a trial?”. While this may seem like a yes or no question, it really is a matter of logistics for our client. By that I mean, are you or will you be in Las Vegas prior to your wedding day? Because Las Vegas is a destination city, 85% of the time we are not able to meet with clients before the wedding day. Our brides hit the ground running and simply don’t have time for a trial. We’ve devised a list of informational gathering questions that we ask our brides when they are sitting in our chair, before we’ve touched their face or hair. We also send our clients helpful preparation tips and links to help them get ready for the day. It is these questions and through our experience that we are so very helpful at giving our clients an outstanding experience on their wedding day. So, if you will not be in Las Vegas prior to your wedding, then rest assured we are able to hit a home run- OUT OF THE BALLPARK every time. Seriously, read the reviews…

wedding makeup trial
On location at The Grove, photo courtesy of M Place Productions

If you are local or coming into town for planning, then yes, by all means, let’s schedule a trial. Please don’t confuse my above statement by thinking no you never need a trial. I simply meant that if you are time challenged, do not let not being able to schedule a trial stop you from reserving hair and makeup for your wedding day. In fact, all the more reason to book Makeup in the 702 because we have the experience and expertise to complete your look without a trial. 

Now let’s talk about some great times to schedule your trial. Engagement photos are a terrific time because you need professional hair and makeup for those photos as well. Please note that once we iron out the details of the wedding day look, we’ll change it up a bit so we don’t give away the wedding day look. My very favorite day to schedule a trial is a dress fitting day. It’s the best way for you to see what you will look like head to toe in a 3-sided mirror. Another great day to schedule your hair and makeup trial is a evening out. Date night, bachelorette party even your birthday. All reasons to celebrate. Again, we will iron out the details of the look and change it up a bit for the occasion your attending. 

Some reasons why to schedule a trial. First, it’s wonderful to meet your hair and makeup team that will be with you on your day. We love meeting you beforehand as well. We’ll also be able to iron out all those details like the amount of volume or your exact shade of lipstick. 

wedding makeup trial
Photo courtesy of Alt F Photography, Andrea Eppolito Events

How to prepare for your trial. The more research and work you put into knowing how you want to look on your wedding day, the easier it will be for you to communicate those wants and needs to your hair and makeup artist. You wing liner, don’t wing your trial and expect every box to be checked off. While I will send you prep instructions and a what to expect video, you’ll still want to have some understanding of the basics. Do you want your hair all up or all down? Do you prefer lipstick or lip gloss? Inspiration photos are super helpful when you can’t quite fine the words to tell your hair and makeup artist what you want. Much easier to point to a photo and say I like this or I don’t want this. 

wedding makeup trial
Photo courtesy of M Place Productions

On both the trial and wedding day, we will pause several times for a mirror check to ensure that all 3 of us are on board with what you want the end result to look like. Surprises are great, but hair and makeup surprises are never fun. We want you to see where you’re at and need your feedback. Together, as partners we can achieve that hair and makeup look that is best for you. So, with that being said, on a trial or wedding day, open and fluid conversation with your hair and makeup artist should be evident from the moment you inquire, through phone conversations and all email communications. Trials are absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend, however, rest assured if you are flying in the day prior, hiring Makeup in the 702 insures that we will hit a home run- OUT OF THE BALL PARK, with or without a trial.

Please join me next week for more insider tips your wedding. Until then, happy planning and remember our only goal is to ensure that you look like you, just on your most beautiful day.  Follow us on Instagram for more tips on bridal beauty! 


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