Wedding Hair & Makeup Questions from Brides ANSWERED!

‘Tis the season…. engagement season that is and soon you’ll be planning the most exciting day of your life!  Each and every bride we speak to is unique and has unique wants, needs and desires but there are some very common questions we are asked regularly so this week we have answers to some of the many questions we are most  frequently asked by brides.

Do you offer a trial of your services?

YES!  We encourage you to take advantage of a trial.  A trial is your opportunity to meet your makeup team and design your look for your wedding day.  This is where we iron out the details for your wedding day look or any other photogenic opportunity such as an engagement shoot or your dress fitting.

Do I have to have a trial? 

This is a BIG question!  Sometimes there’s just not time or it may be a matter of logistics, especially if you are planning a wedding in the destination wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas or in some instances an elopement. Not to worry , we have more insights to share on this question here “Do I Need A Hair & Makeup Trial For My Wedding

Do you work on location?

YES!  All of our services come to you!  The last thing you need to be doing on your wedding day is running all over creation fighting traffic and being out in the elements or trying to coordinate appointments for your bridal party. 

Each bride or bridal party is provided with a team of two professionals, both an artist and a stylist, each an expert in their own field arrive with kits, lights and a chair ready to custom fit your unique bridal hair and makeup.  

Your team arrives promptly, sets up their product and tools and gets the creative show started. Each of our artists and stylists has a kit fully stocked with an array of products to make sure every skin tone and completion as well as hair texture and length can be taken care of. 

By providing  you with a team of two your hair and makeup time is efficient and stress free.


Can you do makeup for all ethnicity’s?  

Yes!  And we encourage you to ask any question you might have.  We have ethnic specialty teams that devote their continued education to ethnic hair and makeup.  Each of our artists and stylists has a kit fully stocked with an array of products to make sure every skin tone and complexion as well as hair texture and length can be taken care of.

Are you able to do Asian eyes?

Yes, we understand Asian eyes…They come in all shapes and sizes, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai and MORE!

Applying makeup on small, monolid, or even hooded eyes can be challenging, and our ethnic specialty teams are dedicated to continuing their education in the area of ethnic hair and makeup.

Should I  wash my hair before my stylist arrives?

Yes!  Go ahead, give yourself the treat and luxury of “me time”.  While in the shower it really is best to rinse and repeat your shampoo, especially if you are the gal that goes 4+days between washing or you’re a product junkie. When you grab that conditioner, go easy, and condition just the ends and not root to ends.  For more tips on prepping your hair for your wedding check out our “Hair Washing Do’s & Don’ts for Your Wedding Day

What’s the difference between airbrushing and traditional foundation?

Airbrush Foundation is applied with an airbrush compressor and counterpart tools. Coverage can be adjusted from sheer to full coverage. Transfer and water resistant, 15+ hours of wear, can be custom blended and can cover the neck, décolleté, arms and back. 

Traditional foundation is liquid, cream or powder. Is applied with a brush or a sponge.  Coverage is determined by the actual formulation itself and can be sheer to full coverage. Traditional Foundations generally do not last as long and may not withstand some environmental conditions such as the 100-degree temps that Las Vegas has to offer.

For more insights on this question read “Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbrushing

I have allergies to certain types of makeup, can you work with my products?

YES!  Please let us know right away!   We completely understand allergies and skin sensitivities to certain makeup products and want to do everything we can to accommodate any special needs you might have. 

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions we receive… Do you have a question we haven’t answered?  Please click over to our contact page and fill out our quick form and tell us a little bit about your day.  We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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