Lighten Films Lighten Films
I refer my clients to Makeup in the 702, because they rock! From the owner to all of their artists, I know they will give my brides the best service and makeup for their very special day. Megan and her girls are awesome.
The Emerics The Emerics
We absolutely love Megan and her team! We refer our brides to Makeup in the 702 because we trust that they will not only have our brides looking beautiful on their wedding day, they’ll make them feel beautiful too! I love their attention to detail and their friendly & professional attitude!
Green Orchid Events
I’ve worked with Megan and her team at Makeup in the 702 for years. She is quick to respond to my email and phone calls, goes above and beyond for my clients, and truly cares. Their work is phenomenal but most importantly, they are professional and Megan will take the time to really listen to a client’s concerns. Megan is a joy to work with and I love her warm personality and positive attitude.
Scheme Weddings and Events Scheme Events
Scheme Events has enjoyed working with Makeup in the 702 for a number of years. We are always confident our brides and their group of ladies are going to be well taken care of by professional stylists and artists. The team at Makeup in the 702 is excellent on pre-wedding day communication, scheduling appointments and listening to the clients to understand their ideas for their wedding hair and makeup. Our brides are radiant and confident! It’s always a pleasure to begin a wedding day with Makeup in the 702
Jason Skinner Photography Jason Skinner Photography
Whenever i hear that Megan & her team at Makeup in the 702 will be at a wedding, I know the day will be starting smoothly. They are always on time and excited to be there, and I know when I arrive the bride and her attendants will be relaxed and radiant. They understand how to create looks that are both flawless and natural, both in person and in images. Their waterproof makeup is astonishing. Even after a day spent in sweltering heat or pouring rain, the makeup still looks completely fresh. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I often hear that Megan’s quick and thoughtful communications quickly puts any nerves at ease. ​And brides are always telling me how much of a joy it was to have them as they started their big day. I can’t recommend Makeup in the 702 enough!
Richard Julio Photography Richard Julio Photography
As a fashion and portrait photographer I need to be able to count on a team that can make my clients feel comfortable as well as deliver exceptional results. Makeup in the 702 provides a consistent level of superior service that I find benefits both my clients as well as business. I consistently get compliments from my clients when Makeup in the 702 supplies hair and makeup services for me, it is because of their dedication to being the best at their craft and their ability to make each client comfortable that I hire them time and time again.
Red Rock Country Club Red Rock Country Club
Megan and her team bring out the best of the brides…When a bride is looking for hair and makeup artists they usually have a look or comment they want to look like themselves. The team at Makeup in the 702 achieves the vision each brides expresses. Whether it’s a fire engine red lip or looking themselves just a “little better” the artists at Makeup in the 702 makes certain each bride is their best on their special day!
Scenic Las Vegas Weddings & Photography Scenic Las Vegas Weddings & Photography
We would not refer brides to make-up in the 702 if their services were not simply amazing! We do about 600 outdoor weddings each year and I can tell which brides have booked with Make-up in the 702 because they look flawless without looking overly made-up. The bridal hair-dos are truly exceptional and stay in place the way they should. Also, unlike some other companies, they don’t just use the same look or style for every bride, it is very individualized and always suits the particular bride and what her desires are for her special day. They are extremely professional and ALWAYS on time.
High Class Studios Ella Gagiano Photography
High Class Studios
We love the ladies form Make up in the 702. They are amazingly talented and very professional. Every wedding we have done with them they were always early and got our bride ready in time while having a super fun time getting ready for her big day. Every woman deserves to look gorgeous on their wedding day, so please book a professional like Make up in the 702 to take care of you on your wedding day!
Naakiti Floral Design Naakiti Floral Design
Where to start…. Megan and her crew are so caring for there clients. I know if I refer any of my clients to them they will be well taken care of and they create lovely memories.
Orange Soda Photography Orange Soda Photography
As a wedding photographer, we know how important good hair and make up can be to capture a beautiful image. We completely trust Make Up in the 702 to always deliver a flawless beautiful perfect job to all of our clients. We know that they will always be handled in a fun yet professional manner, always on time, always making our clients look and feel their best. No matter what the skin type or skin color, they can handle it. Not only do we trust them or our clients, but we also trust them for our personal shoots! We love Megan Payne and all of her girls!
Memory Lane Wedding Cinema Memory Lane Wedding Cinema
“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret weapon.” Makeup in the 702 are a team of talented artists utilize both their skills and tools to enhance a brides inner beauty to match that of her outer beauty.  Perfectionists in their craft; detail oriented, and true professionals in the wedding market.  We absolutely love Megan and her team!  We refer our brides to Makeup in the 702 because we trust that they will not only have our brides looking beautiful on their wedding day,  they’ll make them feel beautiful too!  I love their attention to detail and their friendly & professional attitude!
chelsey nicole logo Chelsea Nicole
“There is a beautiful, subtle and natural aesthetic to Makeup in the 702’s work that I’ve found to be almost unmatched in the industry. We’ve done many editorial shoots, engagement shoots, and weddings together and they have consistently made my brides, models and fiancés look like rockstars – but also, always like their natural selves at the same time.When that magical, irreplaceable day finally arrives, you’ll want the confidence that comes from knowing you look amaaaaazing. You’ll want your handsome super-soul-mate to look at you for the first time and completely melt because he simply can’t take how pretty you look all dolled up for him! (You know he will!) I am excited to tell you, you’ve found a superb team! Megan and her girls will do a phenomenal job helping you melt everyone’s heart from the aisle to the dance floor!


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