Should I Grow My Hair Long For My Wedding?

Are you dreaming of long locks for your wedding day?  Whether your looking for a loose and somewhat unstructured curl,  stunning coils, or a sleek straight look for your wedding day healthy hair is the key when it comes to achieving today’s hottest wedding hairstyles.  

Achieving truly takes some commitment and investment. SPLURGE ON QUALITY!   While it’s convenient to opt for affordable drugstore brands of shampoo and conditioner they are the #1 hindrance in your mission to achieve long healthy hair.  These affordable options tend to be loaded with harsh chemicals.  Not sure what all of those things listed in the ingredient are?  Here’s an easy way for you to choose, Shampoos that are super sudsy are loaded with chemicals and sulfates.   Drugstore conditioners are riddled with wax and silicone that is bad for your hair, they are not actually conditioning your hair,  it’s coating it.   While they may smell really good and may help in protecting your hair from chlorine and the elements it’s building up on itself and weighing you down.  Opt for a hydrating product that absorbs into the hair.    For both your shampoo and conditioner opt for salon quality products free of sulfates and parabens that will leave your hair full of bounce and shine.  Although they are a bit more expensive on the front end you’ll actually save in the end by using less product daily.   

For all of you heat queens out there, you know who you are…Step away from the flat irons! That flat iron is crushing your cuticle day in and day out.    

If you want to achieve a sleek look loaded with shine opt for a blowout.  A proper blowout, will smooth your cuticle and give you shine.  Smoothing the cuticle with a brush and blow-dryer will  leave your hair with a luster that it so beautiful and model perfect.  Bonus Tip!  If you’re looking for a curly style on your wedding day do not pick up that flat iron before your stylist arrives. When hair is flat ironed your temporally telling your cuticle “stay straight don’t move”. A stylist, cannot then go back and manipulate a curl OR get a curl to stay or hold. Just don’t…

Don’t hit a dead end with your hair growth.  These frizzy brittle ends won’t hold a curl leaving you with an unrefined finish.  Getting rid of any damaged, broken, or split ends doesn’t affect the follicles in your scalp but it does help keep your hair healthy and manageable while you’re growing it out leaving you with a fabulous finished look.

The most important tip we can leave you with is that the less heat put on your hair the better your hair will look instantly and over time.

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