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Every day we are so lucky to work with some incredibly talented photographers around the Las Vegas Valley. It absolutely makes our day when we open up our inbox to see some of the beautiful images they capture for our clients.
McKenzi and her team at Taylored Photo Memories and Cactus Collective are  known through out the valley for helping to create unique romantic settings and capture all the special moments there. 
Last week we were lucky enough to get to chat with Mckenzi and learn about what drives her passion. 
How did you start in photography?
I started photographing when I was in middle school, my first wedding was when I was 14 years old and I LOVED it. I loved capturing my couples having the time of their life. I loved learning about people and their stories. I loved being there on an important day for them. 
Why do you do what you do?
I truly believe that everyone deserves to have their memories captured. When you think of your own personal past, what do you remember? Most of us remember moments of their past based on a trigger from a photograph. Or at least I do! Or when you look at old albums from before your time… those are what I want to help preserve for people. Memories.
Who is your ideal bride/ couple?
My ideal couple is a destination couple that is looking for something a little offbeat. Maybe they want a wedding in the desert in Las Vegas. Maybe they were a funky downtown elopement. We help those clients from start to end, even helping them find their ministers, florals, and other vendors. We offer a full-service experience! 
What is your best piece of advice or planning couples?
Make decisions and move on. All too often we get caught up in the emotional aspects of our decision makings, especially surrounding a wedding. Just make a decision a day until the wedding planning is complete and you’ll be so much happier!
What is the most common mistake or misstep you see? Do you have any tips on how to avoid it?
I would say that the most common mistake I see is timelines and weather. People normally don’t realize how big the Las Vegas Valley is and if you are planning to do a couple different stops for photos, you have to take time in to account for that. If you are having a strip wedding but want photos in Red Rock Canyon and the dry lake bed, those are at completely opposite ends of the city. Make sure to ask for advice on timelines before making specific plans. The other mistake is people really don’t 100% completely understand how hot it gets here and, believe it or not, how cold las Vegas can get. All too often we have to remind people to prepare for the head of the Las Vegas sun and they normally don’t realize how dehydrating and exhausting that can be! Always hydrate, we’re in the desert!

To see more of the beautiful work that Mckenzi and her team create, make sure to check out her website


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