A Real Love Story- Catherine and Ryan

2-3-love-story-2The absolutely  charming Miss Catherine and her hunny Ryan came from Canada to celebrate there love in a classic Las Vegas wedding this past fall. When chatting with her about her wedding day hair and makeup, you could just hear the love and excitement bubbling out of her over the phone. So we asked her to share a bit of her sweet story.

Ryan and Catherine paths had crossed a few times in the past, but neither were looking for love or partnership at the time. It was when they both took a chance that they realized they were perfect for each other.
“Ryan’s aunt and my mom are best friends. 3 years ago they decided they wanted to set us up. We had met briefly at Ryan’s uncles 50th birthday party years prior, but I was still skeptical about going on a “blind date”. Our first date was awkward, we went to Tim Hortons for coffee, and we were both shy. About 30 minutes in Ryan said that he was ready to go. In my head I was like “this is a bad sign” but then he told me he wanted to see me again that weekend. That weekend we fell for each other, and I never believed in finding your “soul mate” but he is my soul mate. Over the past 3 years we moved in together and got 2 dogs. We are the type that can finish each other sentences. In June, Ryan and I and my best friend and her boyfriend went for a walk in Johnston Canyon. After seeing the lower and upper falls, on the walk back down Ryan proposed. It was so exciting to travel to Las Vegas to get married with our family and friends.”
And because what love story isn’t made better by adding an adorable picture of some dapper fur babies!!! These are the doggie gents that help make Catherine and Ryans love a family affair.
Keep an eye on up coming blogs to see some of the lovely pictures from Catherine and Ryans special day and other recent weddings and photo shoots.

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