Lipstick vs. Lip-gloss For Your Wedding

Hi there, Megan from Makeup in the 702 here coming at you with another insider trick and great suggestions for your wedding day. I realize you’ve been planning, and thinking and looking at inspiration photos for your wedding day. You already know that your look, be in dress, hair or makeup should not be trendy, but have you considered what lip look you want to carry with you through the day? Chances are your not there yet, so I’m here to plant a few seeds and give a nugget or two of information that will help you with that decision, because it is one that matters.

I’m just going to put it out there right now, choose a hydrating lipstick over lip stains or gloss. No matter what the weather is outside your going to need all the hydration you can get. Lips are a membrane, not skin and are the first thing to dehydrate. Your going to drink less water the hours before your ceremony because, well, you’ll just be busy getting ready and the dreaded thought comes into your mind “how will I go to the ladies room in this dress”? Let’s not forget the flutes of champagne your wedding party keeps pouring during your pre-celebration.  All this leads your body to the start of dehydration. So what happens to lips as they dehydrate, they start to feel tight, chapped and then show the signs of the fatal chapped lip. Your natural instinct is to lick your lips for moisture, but that only makes the problem worse. A hydrating lipstick will give your lips the must needed moisture to keep the chapped away and be ready to smile for all those photos and of course kiss your groom. Gloss only coats the lips and disappears in such a short time any hydration benefits will dissipate quickly. I will address lip-stains a little later in this article.Credits: KMH Photography | Planner Faithfully Yours Wedding & Events | Venue Springs Preserve | Floral City Blossom | Hair & Makeup Makeup In The 702

Here are a few helpful tips how to prep your lips for your wedding day. The evening before use a lip scrub. Sure you can make your own, but we REALLY love Fresh Sugar Lip Polish $24 available at Sephora  Follow with a super hydrating lip mask like Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask $26 . Followed by an amazing nights sleep. You can repeat this step in the morning if you would like. Heck, why save it for the wedding day, do it anytime you would like a luxurious experience.

I mentioned that I would address lip stains, so here we go- don’t kill the messenger. Certainly there is no shortage of lipsticks out there that claim “no reapplication for 10 hours” and so on, but like my daddy said, if it sounds to good to be true, than it probably is. While they may give a longer wear, to trust that your one application and done is not feasible. Well, unless you plan to not eat or drink anything. So much of the long wear has to do with your own body’s chemistry, what you drink and what you eat. That lipstick is not lasting if you plan to have an oil based dressing on your salad and wine eats away at the bond that makes it long lasting. My biggest issue with these types of lip products is that they often times sting. Wait, what…. Yes, if you’ve ever tried them you will understand what I mean. The stinging is almost pure alcohol applied to the lips. Can you say dehydration city right there, and what happens to dehydrated lips- chapped, rough and chunks of skin trapped by what’s left of the long wear. Just not my favorite look or feel on a wedding day.

Photo credit- Amberlight photography Hair and Makeup by Makeup in the 702

I hope you’ve enjoyed these helpful tips and suggestions. I’m so inspired by sharing this information that next weeks blog post will be “How to make your lipstick last”. Won’t you join me while I share how we achieve that perfect lip and make it last longer between touch-ups. Until then, happy planning! Megan

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