Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Share 4 Makeup To Do’s for Your Wedding Photos

Happy Day To You All!

So delighted to have you hear reading insider tips and information from some of the most respected creatives in Las Vegas. As a makeup artist I continually educate myself and critique each service I give. What can I do better, how can I listen and deliver even more? It’s true, we are our own worst critic, but I use that and run with it. You see, by continuously raising my standards and being humble in the service industry, I’m also able to truly look at my work and business from another perspective and when I have questions, I turn to other leaders and creatives in Las Vegas. Want to know what the inside scoop from photographers is? Read on…

Photo by Studio JK

I asked several well-known and well published photographers a simple question “When your photographing your client, what do you wish the makeup artist did or did better?” Yep I went there, and I was ready to hear the good, the bad the ugly. Again, this is from the perspective of the photographer and are pure and true helpful hints and suggestions they had. Please note, no makeup company’s names or artist were mentioned, just pure enlightenment on the question I asked.

Photo By Jamie Y Photography

Jamie Y tells us that too often she sees brides with foundation that is way to sheer. Jamie goes on to tell me that when she is editing client’s photos, foundation that is to sheer or uneven is something that is almost impossible to fix in editing “I can smooth the skin but to actually change the color is a process and even more than a process on 2-300 photos”.  As an artist I do like to give the client what she wants, and not everyone is comfortable with the feel of foundation. It is in fact my responsibility to guide the client in the right direction, because at the end of the day what you have left are those photos. Having these very important words swimming through my head allows me to gently remind my client in the chair of Jamie’s viewpoint and put that though at the forefront of all of my clients.

Up next are true words from Danette Chappell owner of Amberlight Collective.  Danette is a purist herself but believes that all of her clients should wear lipstick, not lip gloss. “First lip-gloss doesn’t stay on long and it looks like they have nothing on their lips- not a good look. I like brides in bright pinks and reds so from near or far I can see the lips and they don’t get lost” Well said Danette, I could not agree with you more, Makeup in the 702 opens a brand new, sanitary lipstick for each client. Once applied we turn around and hand the full-size lipstick to them. Bride, maid of honor, mom, doesn’t matter what role they play in the wedding- everyone gets their full-size lip product.

Photo by Amber Light Collective

Chelsea Nicole told me many years ago that it’s so important that everyone in the formal professional photos have makeup professionally done. “In person, on camera and in editing group photos look zebra striped if a few people have pro makeup and a few people don’t. I can’t correct that, I can’t even pose to that format. Don’t skimp on the makeup. Figure out hair if you have to, but don’t compromise the makeup”

Photo by Chelsea Nicole Photography

On the spot next, Casey Jade

Casey is all about those lashes baby! But not just about lashes, how they are applied. “Look I’m not an artist and I don’t carry glue, so if that bad boy starts falls off or peel at the edge there is nothing I can do to help. Hands down, no questions asked, the bigger the better when it comes to boudoir photography.” Moral of the story, help an artist out and listen to her when it’s time to apply false lashes. She will need to you sit still, looking down and stay there for a moment while the glue dries. If you move or fidget the lash may dry in the wrong place and be uncomfortable and worse- start peeling.

Photo by Casey Jade Photographic Artist


And there you have it ladies. 4 essential to dos from the folks that are photographing the history of your wedding day. Unfiltered and told the makeup artist that has the power to follow these guidelines, makeup you look like you on your most beautiful day while ensuring the history of your wedding day photos are preserved.

Please won’t you join me next week when I answer the question “How should I prep my hair for my stylist on my wedding day”. Until then, have a beautiful week!


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