Why are makeup artists so expensive?

Well hello, Megan here, your Ambassador of Service and Creative Director at Makeup in the 702. Today I’m chatting about a subject that brides, wedding parties and other makeup artists want to read- Why are makeup artists so expensive?

Ever go on a trip to Sephora or the Mac counter and spend $300 in a flash to only walk away with 5 tiny items in your bag? Yep- us to! Except every-time a makeup artist goes shopping (weekly) she is refilling and stocking up on products that are tried and true and give the performance level for long lasting photogenic results. But, she is also trying and testing new products and expanding her knowledge and education that result in makeup applications that are wall worthy. An artist puts forth the continued effort to have a wide range and arsenal of products to battle anything that comes at her. Did you know that we carry 2 kits with us on location and each one weighs over 30 pounds? Think back to your last shopping trip, how heavy was that bag? This should help put into perspective just how many different products are in a professional makeup artists kit. What you should know and understand is that there is a major cost forward for a professional makeup artist to maintain and update her kit.

A well-prepared artist needs to have the entire “store” at her fingertips to be able to cover a wide array of skin conditions, elements outside, ethnicities, wants and desires of the client in her chair. I’m pretty sure the client would not be happy if we told her “no we can’t do that because we don’t have the right color” or “sorry I don’t have a foundation that matches your skin color”. That is what you are paying for- a well-stocked kit that travels to you and can handle anything that comes the artists way. Anything from, can you cover my tattoo to I have a raging pimple that is about to blow to I’ve been up all-night crying because I’m so nervous, can be handled by a Makeup artist at Makeup in the 702.

This is a great time to make mention that in Las Vegas we typically don’t have an opportunity to meet our bride for a trial beforehand. As a destination city, couples are flying in the day before and they hit the ground running. Getting their license, checking into the hotel, steaming the dress and the list goes on and on. What that means for our makeup artists is that we are meeting you for the very first time on your wedding day. We better be prepared to deliver the 15-hour water and transfer resistant guarantee AND the look you want. Let’s face it, we don’t have a second chance to get your day back. Which leads me to your wedding party. We defiantly don’t have the opportunity to meet them before hand, so, again, we need to have a well-stocked kit to be able to deliver what you contracted us for.

There is a funny saying out there “Why are lawyers and Makeup Artists so expensive- because they are worth it”. Funny I know, but let’s really think about it. How many years does it take to become a Lawyer? And then after that it’s a continual practice of keeping up with the new laws, maintaining being an expert and continued education as time goes on. It also costs money to be a lawyer. Ongoing licensing, bar fee’s, fees to the law practice you represent and on and on and on. Same holds true for a professional makeup artist.


The cost of a makeup artist also directly correlates with the number of years in service and ongoing education. A 2-year makeup artist certainly does not possess the same skill set and experience as a 10-year veteran. So, at the end of the day, the greater the cost the more education, skill set and experience a makeup artist has. Isn’t that who you want to trust on your wedding day? Think about the alternative…. an inexperienced, can’t deliver the look you want, non- licensed makeup artist that is also late because she does not yet understand the professionalism of the business.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and I do understand that we all have budgets to adhere to. It’s possible you may need to re-look at the money allotted for makeup. Because that experience will make or break your entire day and the end result of your photos.

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Photo Credit: Casey Jade Photography on location at Palms Place.

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