How To Choose Your Wedding Day Makeup Artist

Planning a wedding comes with many questions and considerations one of which is “How do I choose the right makeup artist?”   While some may consider this questions to be somewhat vain and inconsequential we assure you it is not.  After all, at the end of the day the decor will be swept away, the favors will all have been taken by your guests and the flowers will eventually wilt leaving you with the images in your minds eye and photographs.  Trust us when we say you will not want to look back at your wedding photos and see smudged makeup, smeared lip color or a shiny forehead.  You’ll want to see you on your most beautiful day.   With the Fall wedding season wrapping up and engagement season sneaking up on us soon we’ve gathered some of our top tips for choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding. 

First things first, identify your needs. Are you looking to elevate your everyday look, Hollywood glam or something totally different and alternative.

Do your research!  Read bridal blogs (like this one), or some of our other favorites like  Spectacular Bride or Style Me Pretty.  Visit wedding planning sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot and read reviews from REAL BRIDES. 

Read all of our wedding reviews on our Makeup in the 702 Storefront at Wwlogo 83x19

  Look at real time work from makeup artists on your favorite social media sites like IG and Pinterest. 

Tip!  When doing your research try to stick to profiles of artists that are in the region you are planning your wedding.  If you’re planning a wedding in Las Vegas it makes little sense to look at the work of an artist that only works in New York.   Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.  Your venue or your wedding planner usually have a list of  trusted vendors that they will refer.  You can also ask your friends and family or strike up a conversation on social media and share your thoughts.  Other things to consider… Does the artist you are considering have the ability to meet your needs? Is it just the bride that will need makeup or will your bridal party or mother be included?  If you’re including others does the artist or agency your looking at have a big enough team to draw from to meet those needs?  Are their services mobile and will they come to you or do you have to make arrangements for transportation in addition to scheduling your makeup?  

Once you’ve narrowed down your field of choices schedule a trial with your top choice.  Of course if you’re planning a destination wedding to a city like fabulous Las Vegas a trial may not always be an option.  By that I mean, are you or will you be in Las Vegas prior to your wedding day? Because Las Vegas is a destination city, 85% of the time we are not able to meet with clients before the wedding day. Our brides hit the ground running and simply don’t have time for a trial. We’ve devised a list of informational gathering questions that we ask our brides when they are sitting in our chair, before we’ve touched their face or hair. We also send our clients helpful preparation tips and links to help them get ready for the day. It is these questions and through our experience that we are so very helpful at giving our clients an outstanding experience on their wedding day.  Seriously, read the reviews we mentioned earlier. 

Bonus tip!  Photographer Chelsea Nicole told me many years ago that it’s so important that everyone in the formal professional photos have makeup professionally done. “In person, on camera and in editing group photos look zebra striped if a few people have pro makeup and a few people don’t. I can’t correct that, I can’t even pose to that format. Don’t skimp on the makeup. Figure out hair if you have to, but don’t compromise the makeup”

We do hope that you’ll be planning your destination in fabulous Las Vegas and that you’ll make Makeup In The 702 a part of your day.  We offer the convenience and flexibility of on-site service, creating a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in an unfamiliar place leaving you radiant and photo ready for your day.  

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To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal, CLICK HERE.  You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day.


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