How to Avoid Big Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes

No matter how much painstaking time we put into planning our wedding there are some things we can control and there are some things we cannot control.  Here’s some quick tips to help you plan ahead and avoid some of the most common mistakes brides make when it comes to your bridal beauty. 

Not planning for the weather

Don’t let forgetting to plan for the weather be the reason you have a bad hair day.  If you’re planning a destination wedding in a location where the climate is much different than your home town do your research.  If your hair tends to frizz in humidity be sure to pack some frizz fighting serum and remember to let your stylist know in advance how your hair reacts to different weather so they can plan ahead to make sure your locks are on point for your day.  


Not carving out enough time for hair and makeup

Many make the mistake of  not allowing enough time for hair and makeup on the day of, especially if there is more than just the bride waiting for hair and makeup leaving you stressed out big time as everyone waits for their turn.  

The timeliness of hair and makeup sets the tone for the entire timeline for the brides day.  You should book your Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist as soon as you establish your ceremony time and your first look with your photographer.  This allows us to use our expertise to create your timeline so nobody feels stressed, pressed or rushed once they are in the chair.  Giving everyone plenty of time to get out the door and arrive on time.  

Using a flat iron before your hair stylist arrives

I know I know, so much prep and you’re wondering why you can’t just take the “easy” way out and flat iron your hair to make it “smooth”. Well this is a fine idea if you want your end result to be flat ironed, but if you want your hair curled or up your going to miss the mark. When hair is flat ironed your temporally telling your cuticle “stay straight don’t move”. A stylist, cannot then go back and manipulate a curl OR get a curl to stay or hold. Just don’t do it!

Do blow dry your hair, and make sure it is bone dry before your stylist arrives.  Damp hair will singe when curling iron hits it, so dry dry dry!  

Having a friend or family member do your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

We all have someone close to us that is in the beauty business in some way, shape or form, but are they right for you or the person to help you create the look you want for your wedding day?

Family and friends tend to have their own vision of  how you should do something. They are invested in a different way and may not have the ability to listen to what YOU want or what YOU expect.

It’s pretty difficult to tell a friend or family member that you don’t like something or can you change it, but you sure can tell Makeup in the 702 and we will jump at the opportunity to change anything to please you and be on the same page as your vision.

Skipping hair cuts

Don’t hit a dead end with your hair growth. These frizzy brittle ends won’t hold a curl leaving you with an unrefined finish.  Getting rid of any damaged, broken, or split ends doesn’t affect the follicles in your scalp but it does help keep your hair healthy and manageable while you’re growing it out leaving you with a fabulous finished look.

The one thing we can guarantee is our work!  Everyone that sits in our chair is guaranteed 15 hour water and transfer resistant makeup and hair that withstands the desert winds (up to 40mph).   Don’t take our word for it though… we encourage you to read our reviews on the Knot, and Wedding Wire to see first hand what our brides have to say about their personal Makeup In The 702 Experience.

Have questions?  We’d love to talk to you about your day! Visit our contact page and request your custom proposal today!  Follow us on  Instagram for daily wedding hairstyle inspiration!

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